The Descendants of Sybil Stanton

     (2)Sybil Stanton, daughter of George Stanton, was born ca. 1829 and m. 1st John Carpenter and second, John Miller on 2/10/1849 at Monticello, and was then of Lumberland. Sybil Stanton last married Arthur McBride, from whom she was separated. The 1880 census of Bethel lists four children named McBride with Arthur and Sybil. They are: Andrew (18), Alice (16), Sherman (13) and John (11). She died 3 March 1906 in Chicago, Ill., while visiting her daughter, Ms. Jennie Middaugh. Her name is often spelled Sibble and she was buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery, Port Jervis, New York. Much of this data was provided by Ms. Joan Prey, of Matamoras, Pa. Conflicting information is given on the children of Sybil Stanton. What follows is the most reliable information compiled.

(A) Sarah Elizabeth Carpenter, born June 1844 Mongaup Valley, Sullican Co. NY, death cert. stated Forestburgh, NY. In the 1855 county census she lived with George and Sarah Stanton of Forestburgh, as adopted child. She m. about 1862 to Charles H. Phillips and died 19 Mar 1910 (see obit). In 1880, the family is residing in Bethel, and Charles is described as a merchant. In the 1900 census, Sarah is living with her daughter in Deerpark, Orange County. Charles H. Phillips was residing in Bethel during the same census. He is listed as being born April 1837 and a merchant. In the year 1910, Charles Phillips was still in Bethel Township, living alone, aged 73 and a widower. Sarah E. Carpenter had three children:
(1)Ida M. Phillips, born March 1864, married Warren Rundle, no children
(2)Charles W. Phillips, born August 1868
(3) John M. Phillips, born about 1879.

(B) Melissa Jane Miller, b. ca. 1847-8. Her obit states she was born Jan. 7, 1851 at Mongaup Flats. In 1850 she lives with John and Sybil Miller as Melissa J. Miller, age 2. In 1870, she can be found in Pt. jervis, Orange County with Carson Middaugh (spelled in census, Middgh) as Melissa Middaugh, with two children. She died in Pt. Jervis on Feb. 7, 1915. Read her obit.
(1)Elmer E. Middaugh, born ca. 1866-7, NY
(2)Minnie Middaugh, born ca. 1868-9, NY

(C) Mary Ellen Miller, b. 2/16/1850 near Mongaup Valley, Sullivan Co NY; she m. Albert S. Prey. The 1900 census of Westfall Township, Pike County, PA lists Mary E. Pray, a widow, born February 1851 with six living children. Read obit for Mary E. Miller Prey. She had six children:
(1)Van Etten Prey, born 1873-4
(2) Chester B. Prey, born 1876-7
(3)Lottie E. Prey, born March 1879
(4)Harry S. Prey, born July 1881
(5)Grace A. Prey (Schlund), born October 1885
(6)Albert E. Prey, born March 1887

(D) Augusta Miller, born about 1851, lived in 1860, not with her mother and step-father, Arthur McBride, but in Lumberland with Philemon and Eletic Way, aged 9 years. According to the 1900 census, she was born about March 1855 and married about 1869 Alonzo Everitt, a building contractor born about 1848, New York. In 1900, they resided on Sixth Street, with their son, son-in-law and granddaughter, Abbie E. Bachelor, born Feb. 1900, MN. In 1910 they lived on Bluff Street, Ward 2, Brainerd, Minnesota. Augusta reported that she had four children, but only one was living in 1900. Alonzo Everett died Aug. 29, 1916. Augusta died after 1915.
(1) a daughter, who married Jay Bachelor.
(2)Perry M. Everett, born October 1880 in Indiana.

(E) Lottie Miller, is listed as Charlotte McBride in the 1860 census, with Arthur and Sybil McBride, Hightland Township. Here she is listed as being born 1855-56. Lottie married about 1871, John Hull and lived in Bristol, Ct. in 1915. The 1900 census, Bristol, Hartford County, CT, lists John H. Hull and wife, Lottie, boarding with the Erving W. Tyler family. John Hull is born March 1853 in New Jersey and Lottie born May 1853. No children.

(F) George A. Miller, was born about 1857 and lived with George G. and Susan Stanton as nephew in 1860 and 1865. He died unmarried 2/9/1895 in Jersey City, NJ (see obit)

(G) James McBride lived in Eldred, NY in 1907 and 1915. In the 1900 census he is residing next to his parents in Bethel, NY. James is listed as being born February 1860. His wife, Anna, was born October 1867 and the mother of four children. They were married about 1883. In the household is Clara Shrager, his mother-in-law. The children listed are:
(1)Harry, born May 1886
(2)Jessie, a daughter, born March 1890
(3)Khida (sp.?),a daughter, born June 1891

(H) Amasa McBride, was born about 1862-63 and in 1870 lived with his parents in Bethel Township, Sullivan County. His whereabouts were unknown at the time of his father's death.

(I) Alice McBride was born about 1864 and married Mr. Abbott, who lived in Connecticut in 1907 and Chicago, Ill in 1915

(J) Sherman McBride lived 1907 and 1915 in Eldred, NY. In the 1900 census, Township of Highland, he is listed as born in December 1866 and having been married for 16 years. In 1910 he was still in Highland Township. His wife is Eliza, born February 1865. At the time, Sherman had five children:
(1)Thomas, born March 1886
(2)Sherman, born November 1891
(3)Claud, a daughter, born October 1892
(4)Emmerson, born Jan 1894
(5)Ezra S., born April 1898
Walter, born about 1900
Mable, born about 1902

(K) John McBride, born about 1868, is listed on the 1870 census only. No furhter information.

Note: The 1860 census lists a William McBride, age 1; the 1880 census lists Amasa as Andrew. James is listed as being born 1857 and 1860 in the census information.

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