Francis Stanfield m. Grace
Deborah Stanfield m. 1701 Richard Woodward, Jr.

Francis Stanfield from Garten, Cheshire, England, arrived in Chester County, Pennsylvania, aboard the Endeavor in the 7th month, 1683, with his wife, Grace and their children: James, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Grace and Hannah. With them on board were servants Isaiah Brookeby, William Rudway and Thomas Massey (who later settled in Marple). Francis and Grace Stanfield died in Marple, Chester County, PA. before 1700.

James Stanfield maried Mary Hutchinson 4/27/1690 in Philadelphi MM

Mary Stanfield b. 1672 in Garten, Eng. m. William Huntley 2/4/1691/2 in Chester County, PA.

Sarah Stanfield married first __ Clows and 2nd Edward Bennett about 1797. Their child was Joseph Bennett

Elizabeth Stanfield was born 1670 in Garten, Eng. and m. Thomas Hope in Chester County, PA

Grace Stanfield married Francis Chadsey 8/15/1695 in Concord MM, and 2nd Gwain Stephenson 7/16/1714 in Chester MM

Hannah Stanfield married Isaac Few 1/27/1698/99 in Chester MM

The daughter, Deborah Stanfield, was probably born in 1683 or 1684 and in 1701 married Richard Woodward, Jr. as his second wife.

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