Simon Sackett m. Isabel
Simon Sackett b. 1630 England m. Sarah Bloomfield
Captain Joseph Sackett b. 1656 m. Elizabeth Betts
Judge Joseph Sackett b. Sep 1680 m. Hannah Alsop
William Sackett b. 1731 m. Sarah Fish
William W. Sacket b. 1765 m. Susan Smith
James W. Sacket b. 1803 m. Nancy Beers
Susan Elizabeth Sackett b. 1838 m. George G. Stanton

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From "THE FAMILY RECORD, Devoted for 1897 to the Sackett, the Weygant and the Mapes Families, Newburgh", Weygant, 1897 (12 issues are all that are known to have been published) I learned the following:

Simon Sackett, of Newtown, Mass., married in England, Isabell. He had sons Simon 1630-1655 and John 1632-1719.

Simon Sackett, of Springfield, Mass., married Sarah, daughter of William Bloomfield. Their son was Joseph Sackett, 1656-1719.

Capt. Joseph Sackett, of Newtown, Long Island, N.Y., married, about 1678, Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. Richard Betts. For his second wife, he married_____? For his third wife he married Mercy, widow of Capt. Thomas Betts and daughter of Major David Whitehead. Capt. Joseph Sackett had Richard, d. 1727; Anna 1681-1757; Joseph, d. 1755; Simon, d. 1718; Elizabeth, d. 1716; John d. 1728; Sarah 1689-1766; Abigail 1695-1752; William 1967-1761; Patience, 1700-1772.

Judge Joseph Sackett, 1680-1755, of English Kills, Newtown, Long Island, married in May 1706, Hannah daughter of Richard Alsop. She was born Jan. 11, 1690 and died June 17, 1773. The children were: Joseph, b. 1710; Richard, 1709-1726; Hannah 1711-1762; Elizabeth, 1713-1721; John 1716-1783; Deborah, 1718-1754; Frances 1720-1754; James 1722-1784; Samuel 1724-1780; A daughter 1725-1725; Thomas, 1726-1769; Elizabeth 1729-1778; William, 1731-1776.

Judge Joseph Sackett, second son of Captain Joseph and his wife Elizabeth Betts, was born at English Kills, Newtown, Long Island, N.Y. in the month of September 1680. Judge Sackett resided during the greater part of his life at English Kills. In 1724 he and his brother-in-law, John Alsop, purchased the central portion of the "Chambers Southerland Patent," in the Town of New Windsor, on the west shore of the Hudson River. There they built a wharf, storehouse and established a sloop, freighting and passenger line that ran to New York City. Judge Joseph Sackett never moved to New Windsor, N.Y.

William Sackett, 1731-1776, of Newtown, Long Island, married, Sept. 3, 1759, Sarah, daughter of Captain Samuel Fish by his first wife, Agnes Berrien, d/o John and Ruth (Edsall) Berrien. Sarah Fish was born February 24, 1729, and after the death of her husband, William Sackett, she married John Woods, a lawyer of New York, on Sept. 11, 1782. She died Nov. 24, 1804. Only two children of William Sackett are known, Samuel, 1762-1763 and William W. 1765-1833.

William W. Sackett, 1765-1833, of Hunting Grove, N.Y. of Newburgh, N.Y., of Monticello, N.Y., and of Lumberland, N.Y., married, in 1790, Susan Smith, who was born Nov. 5th 1771, and died at Honesdale, Wayne Co., Penn., in 1855. She was the daughter of Nathan Smith. Their children were: William Wood, 1791-1836; Louisa, 1792; Harriet, 1793; Nathan S., 1795-1853; Caroline, 1796; Nicholas F., 1799; Mowbray A. 1801-1871; James W. 1803-1887; Sarah C., 1805; Susan S., 1809; Elizabeth, 1812; Augustus M.; Charles J., 1816-1885.

William W. Sacket, son of Willaim and Sarah Fish Sackett, was born at Newtown, L.I., Aug. 31, 1765. He was a civil engineer and land surveyor. He read law for a short time in the office of his step-father. He came into possession of property within the bounds of Orange County, NY that he inherited from his grandfather's estate. His profession took him to all parts of Orange, Uslter and Sullivan County, which were at the time being settled by former residents of Long Island. His wife was Susan, daughter of Hon. Nathan Smith of Hunting Grove. Mr. Sacket always omitted the last "t" in signing his name. He became interested in the mills and general store conducted by his father-in-law. In 1801, Mr. Sacket was hired to survey the Newburgh and Cochecton Turpike, and bought land in Monticello, Sullivan County, NY.

James W. Sacket, 1803-1887, of Wilkesbarre, Penn., married, July 31, 1834, Nancy, daugher of Silas Beers. She was born Aug. 1, 1815, and died Dec. 24, 1890. Their children were: Laura Jane, b. 6/3/1835, m. Chandler D. Frew; William W., b. 10/25/1836, m. Anna M. Lentz; Susan E., b. 9/25/1838, m. George Stanton; James E., b. 9/29/1840, m. Eliza Evans; George Oscar, b. 4/2/1843, m. Eliza Carroll; Nicholas Fish, 1846-1848; Wesley N., 1847-1864, unm.; Frances A., b. 7/8/1848 d. 4/18/1870, m. Albert Stanton; Martha M., b. 6/22/1850, m. Rivelo Dunham; (Charles, 1854). From "THE SACKETTS OF AMERICA, Their Ancestors and Descendants 1630-1907," by Weygant, Charles H., Newburgh, NY, 1907, I have the following: "James W. Sackett, 1803-1887, of Lumberland, Sullivan County, N.Y.; Hickory Run, Carbon County, Pa., and Allegan County, Mich., son of William W. and Susan Smith Sackett, was married, July 31, 1834, to Nancy Beers, 1815-1890, daugher of Silas Beers, of Neversink, Sullivan County, N.Y. He was by occupation a surveyor, millwright, lumberman and farmer. Early in life he became an ardent abolitionist and his house in Sullivan County was at one time a station on the so called Under Ground Railway, leading from the South to Canada. His removal from Sullivan County, N. Y., to Carbon County, was in 1835, and while residing there he built a number of mills for his brother in law, Isaac Gould. After remaining in Carbon County a few years he returned to his home in Sullivan County, and for some years held the offices of school director and assessor of his town. His removal to Allegan County,Mich., was in the year 1854. He there built several large mills and served his town as Justice of the Peace and Postmaster. A short time before his death he returned to Pennsylvania, and died and was buried at Wilkes Barre in that State." Michigan land records contain the purchase by James W. Sacket of land (19-2-N 14-W) 115.0400 08 27689 on 12/15/1856. The 1860 head of household index for Michigan lists a "Julius W. Sackett" in Allegan County, Manilus Township. This was probably James W. Sacket. The 1870 head of household index for Allegan County, Michigan, lists James Sachett, age 68, carpenter, born New York, in Manilus Township (roll 660, pg 245) in the household of Maria Price, 48 b. NY and her children. The 1880 census for Manilus Township has #105 James Sackett, w/m 77 married, no occupation listed, NY-NY-NY, living alone. In 1880, his wife Nancy lived with her brother, Abraham Beers in Neversink, Sullivan County, along with her daughter Jane Frew and grandson, John Stanton.

"Susan Elizabeth Sackett, 1838-, daugher of James W. and Nancy Beers Sackett, was married, in Nov. 1856, to George G. Stanton. Children. Horace Stanton, b. June 9, 1857; m. Mary Stone; Carrie Stanton, b. Sept. 15, 1856, m. Joseph Covert; John Stanton, b. July 27, 1853, m. Ella Norris; Wallace Stanton, b. Dec 25, 1867, m. Cora Hendrickson; Willard Stanton, b. Dec. 245, 1867, m. Jennie Weaver."

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