The following data is summarized from the book,
"The History and Genealogy of the Poling Family," by Clarissa H. Tatterson, 1978.

There are seven generations of Polings (Polands) that descend to Elizabeth Poling who married Jacob Jackson in 1804, Maryland. All the credit for this research goes to Ms. Tatterson, herself a Poling descendant and author of the fine book mentioned above. The following is a generalization of the data collected from her work.

Thomas Poland (1) came from Gloucester County, England to Lynn, Massachusetts in 1642. John Poland (2) and wife, Mary, moved from Lynn to Gravesend on Long Island, N. Y., with a group of religious desentors under Lady Deborah Moody. Samuel Poling (3) moved from Gravesend across the river to Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Samuel's wife was Grietje or Margaret Wyckoff, a Dutch girl, whose ancestor Claes Cornelissen (or Claes, son of Cornelis) came aboard the "Rensselaer Wyck" who came from Holland with his wife Margaret Van Der Goos and settled in what is now Brooklyn Heights. He arrived in America in 1637 with his wife and a son Peter. Peter Claesen (born about 1625 in Holland) eventually settled in Flatsland (now part of Brooklyn) and became a magistrate of the Town Court--giving him the name "Wyckoff" or "parish court." Peter Wyckoff married Gretia, the daughter of Hendrick Van Ness, and had eleven children, one of which was Marten. Marten Peiterse Wychoff married Hannah Williams and his daughter Grietje Wychoff, born about 1660 married Samuel Poling.

John Poling (4) the son of Samuel and Grietje (Margaret) Wyckoff Poling was born about 1706 and there is no knowledge of John's wife. Samuel Poling (5) the son of John Poling married Madalene or Lena, surname unknown, left New Jersey and settled in Loundoun County, Virginia, along with their son Richard Poling (6). Richard Poling (6) married Sophia DeWitt and they are the parents of Elizabeth Poling, born in 1784, and the wife of Jacob Jackson. The only maternal ancestry of the Poling family yet known is that of Grietje (Margaret) Wyckoff, below:

Cornelis (1), born and died in Holland.
Claes Cornelissen (2) and Margaret Van Der Goos ca. 1597 Holland.
Peter Claesen (3) and Gretia Van Ness, d/o Hendrick ca. 1625 Holland
Martin Peterse Wyckoff (4) and Hannah Willemse, d/o William ca. 1660-between 1697-1708
Grietje Wyckoff (5) and Samuel Poling.


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