Abraham Mitchell m. Mary
Abraham Mitchell m. Ann
Anthony Mitchell m. Basheba
Talitha Mitchell m. John Henry Carver

I have made a summation based on the notes given below. Please feel free to contact me with more information or to correct errors Pat Walker.

The earliest records I have obtained do not clearly define a link to the original immigrant, but they do begin with data on Abraham Mitchell (1) whose wife was Mary. They lived in Elizabeth City, VA, by 1683 and the births of their children are recorded as James, John, Abraham and Mary, who died young. Abraham Mitchell died 28 Nov. 1696 and on July 26, 1697 Court, Peter Starkey, trustee of ye estate of Abraham Mitchell hath Judgement---funeral charges by him expended. Peter's bond was 20,000 lbs tobacco as admst. of estate of Abraham Mitchell. (This note from Pauline Mitchell Pierce, 1984, source unknown--Elizabeth City)

Beginning 1718, John and Abraham Mitchell begin appearing in the Elizabeth City, Va. Records. Of son James, I have no record. John had married Hannah Daniel. Abraham (2) had a wife Ann and they sell land in 1718. Abraham left Elizabeth City and was in Carteret County in 1727. In 1741 Abraham received a land grant in Onslow County. Judging by the wills in Onslow County, NC, Abraham (2) had children Abraham, Alexander, George, John, Anthony and Rebecca by his first wife, Ann. He married another woman named Ann, and had Katherine. His widow married Peter Babcock following the death of Abraham (2) in 1748.

Abraham (2) Mitchell's sons were active in Onslow County. Of these Abraham (3) married Keziah d/o Nicholas Hunter, and had a son, Col. George Mitchell, a Revolutionary War hero in Onslow County. The widow, Keziah, married 2nd Emanuel Jones. Alexander d. 1744 and had a wife Sarah d/o John Dudley and a son, Abram (or Abraham). The widow, Sarah, probably married 2nd Mr. Cahoon. John died 1751 and had a wife, Mary. Of George Mitchell, son of Abraham (2), I have no further information. Anthony Mitchell died in 1785 and his estate was settled by his widow, Basheba. I have record of only two his children when in January 1792, the Court bound unto John H. Carver, taylor to trade, two children George, age 16, and Seloma Mitchel, 14, son and daughter of Anthony Mitchell dec'd. John H. Carver had married Talitha Mitchell in 1788. The 1790 census shows Basheba Mitchell with a household of 5 females. Recorded in the marriage bonds 1741-1868 in Onslow county are 4 unidentifed Mitchell females which I believe were daughters of Anthony Mitchell, "Elitha," Anne, Salome, and Lyda.
After writing the above paragraph and trying for years to confirm the parents of Talitha Mitchell, I am reassured by page 199 in the book, THE RALEY FAMILY GENEALOGY, The Descendants of Robert Raley and Ann Dowdle, copied for me by Marilyn Brooks, of Frederick, MD. Talitha's daughter, Ann Carver, married Thomas Raley, and the following appears in the book:
"Information on the CARVER family was shared by CARL HOLLINGSWORTH and by JOSEF JACKSON. The latter obtained data from CHARLOTTE (MAHR) CARVER CARLSTROM of Mill Creek, Washington. According to her records, JOHN HENRY CARVER was the son of JOHANN HIEURIK KOERBER and his wife ELIZABETH. TALITHA MITCHELL was the daughter of ANTHONY MITCHELL and his wife BATHSHEBA." Talitha had been born 1 October 1768.

much from Pauline Mitchell Pierce's research, 1984
She is a proud descendant of Col. George Mitchell

Charles Parish, York County, Virginia, History and Registers: Births 1648-1789, Deaths 1665-1787, by Landon C. Bell
Muster of the Inhabitants in Virginia 1624-5, Elizabeth Cittie:

Miles Prickett and Francis Mitchell, their Musters.

Miles Prickett aged 36 in the Starr 1610

Wills & Admin. of Elizabeth City Co., Va. 1688-1800, by Blanch A. Chapman

Daniel, Ann. Leg.-son Samuel, cattle at Thomas Skinner's plantation; to Ann, Jonathan, Martha, Mary and Darby Skinner; to Samuel Skinner and his mother Elizabeth Skinner; to Martha Pitt (or Pett); to Sarah Pitt; to Ann Mitchel; to my daughter Catherine Pitt; to Elizabeth Riddlehurst. Ex. son Samuel Daniel. D. October 3, 1715. R. August 15, 1716. Wit: John King,Edward Richards, Joseph Skinner. Book 1715-21, pg. 41.

Daniel, Samuel. Leg. --nephew Samuel Skinner; wife Jude all the tobacco left to her before her marriage; sister Hannah Mitchell and her husband; to the child unborn of Hannah Mitchel; sister Elizabeth Skinner; nephews Robert and Martha Taylor. Ex. brother-in-law John Mitchel. D. March 25, 1718. R. Feb. 19, 1718. Wit: Abraham Mitchel, Nicholas Parker, Jo. Wragg. Book 1715-1721, p. 165. John Mitchell qualified, security--William Coopland, James Naylor and Thomas Jones. Wit. charles Jenings. Feb 19, 1718. Book 1715-21, p. 196Appraisal of the estate by Samuel Sweny, Joseph Banister and Jo. Wragg. July 2, 1719. Book 1715-21, p. 171 and 197.

In CALENDAR OF STATE PAPERS VOL. 1 page 183, is a petition of the inhabitants of the Port and Town of Hampton (Va.), for the right to construct a Wharf and signed by, among others Abraham Mitchell, John King & John Henry Rambough, 1715.

Elizabeth City County Deeds: Hampton, Va., Deeds, Wills, Inventories and orders 1715-21, Part 1 page 104, 19 May 1718 Abraham Mitchell to John Henry Rombough. Page 105, 20 May 1718, Abraham and wife Ann release. Page 231, 18 Oct. 1719, Francis, Ballard etc. to Abra Mitchell, shipwright. Page 29614 March 1721, Mitchell and wife Ann release.

Deeds and Wills 1704-30 page 32, 15 June 1725, Abraham Mitchell and wife Ann to Anthony Robinson, Jr.

Now records begin in North Carolina

Carteret Co. (NC) Court Minutes Vol. VIII, 1723-1747, At Court held at Mr. Nathaniel Taylors house in Beaufort Town 5 Sept. 1727, among those present was jury foreman, Mr. Abraham Mitchell.
1728 Court, Thomas Owen vs. Abraham Mitchell called and Plan't not appearing, Def't prayed a non suite granted.

Carteret Co. Court Minutes Vol VIII, 1723-1747: Precinct of Carteret 3rd day of June 1729, Richard Rustell Esq. & sd. Thomas Raymond Swore in open Court that Elieren Lillington passed a deed of Land Containing three hundred acres unto Abraham Mitchell lying in White Oake River ordered to be recorded.

17 Sept. 1731--Bath County--Carteret Precinct:
Abraham Mitchell came into open court and acknowledged a deed unto Sam'l Chadwick for a tract of land lying in Carteret Precinct on ? W. Side of Nelsons Creek Containing 130 acres acknowledged in open court also an agreement of ----unto ordered both to be registered.

23 Nov. 1731 at a council at the Council Chamber in Edenton N.C., Upon Petition of the inhabitants of White Oak, New River and Topsail along the Sea Shore Praying to have a new precinct erected and this Board thereon takeing into consideration the great hardship and expense the inhabitants are at in going to Carteret Precinct court. Among the Justices named were Nicholas Hunter & Abraham Mitchell.

Colonial Records of North Carolina Vol. 4, Pg. 46
1 Jan. 1734, Abraham Mitchell was appointed one of five justices for Onslow Preceint.
23 March 1734-35, His Excellency the Governour ordered that a Commission pass the Seal of this province constituting and appointing Edward Mashburn, Charles Harrison, James Foyle, Abraham Mitchel, Nicholas Hunter, Christopher Dudley, Jon Starkey, Charles Jefferys, ___ Shubridges, Thomas Fullwood, Christian Heidleburg and Jos. Morgan Justices of the Peace for the precinct of Onslow to sit and hold a Court on the first Tuesday in April, July, October and January, annually.

Onslow Court Minutes 3rd day of June 1734:
Ordered Joseph Perry & Edward Lowell & Abigail his wife be compelled by the Constable to appear before Nich'o Hunter Esq. to give security for their good behaviour toward Abraham Mitchell Esq. and all his family and not to carry arms out of their plantation dureing the term of one year & one day, they having threatned the life of the s'd Abraham Mitchell Esq. and threatening his createres and upon their not giving security it is ordered they be commited into the county Jayl till they give such securityes that be required. (Signed) E. Mashourn, Christopher Dudley, Th's Murry, Abra'm Mitchell.

Deed Book A, pg. 5:
John Starkey and Christph. Dudley swear to Ann Fraghey haveing female bastard child & Wm. Cammel the father.

Jan. 1736--Onslow Court Minutes:
Abraham Mitchell Esq. paying the fine of Ann Frughey for haveing a bastard child on Pet'n of the s'd Abraham Mitchell Esq. it is ordered that Ann Frughey serve her master the space of two years after she hath served her master her Indented time according as the law directs.

2 April 1736--Onslow Court Minutes:
Ordered Ann Frughey be summone to appear at next court to make good her complaint ag't her master Abrah'm Mitchell for Immoderate Corrections.

2nd day May Court 1741--Onslow Court Minutes:
Abram Mitchell Esq. qppeard in Court and Produced a Commission from his Escellancy Gab'el Johnston Esq._____ being High Sherrif of this county which was read in open court.

Land Grants of Onslow County 1712-1800:
1741 - Abraham Mitchell - 9 persons - Sept. 23

2 Jan. 1743--Onslow Court Minutes
On petition of Sarah Mitchell widow of Alexander Mitchell to have letters of administrations on the estate of her deceased husband, Alexander Mitchell, she having given security.

Deed Book B (1744-1748) Onslow County
24 Nov 1743, Samuel Wilson and Sarah Oldfield were married according to the Quaker rights of ceremony. Bond signed by: Abraham Mitchell, James Davis, Edward Dixon, Job Hunter, John Middleton,nicholas Hunter, Ezekiel Hunter, Edmond Lowle, William Webb, Edmond Thorler, Rebecca Hunter, Sarah Middleton, Keziah Mitchell, Rebekah Hurla, Abagail Lowell, Elizabeth Webb, Ann Hunter, Mary Dixon, Ann Dennis and Ester Hunter. Signed September 1st 1744.

Onslow County Estate Records, 1735-1914
True and perfect Inventory of all and singularly the goods and chattles of Alexander Mitchell Deceased. Tuesday, 8th day of May, 1744 Sarah Mitchell, Admix. Father, John Dudley and son Abram Mitchell mentioned. "182.49.4 the neat produce to be divided between the widdow and child comes a third to the widdow 60.19.9, the child part comes to 121.19.7 the childs name is Abram."

Proved March Court 1746--Onslow County
Abstract: I, Abraham Mitchell, do make and ordain...My wife to have a lifetime right in my estate, while she remains a widow. Bequests made to sister Rebecca, and to brothers Anthony, John and George. Land to his brothers at the marriage or death of wife. Wit: William Cook, William Wallis, Peter Arnold. Abraham Mitchell. Exr: John Mitchell & Ezekial Hunter.

Onslow Accounts, Divisions, Inventories, Sales, Etc., of Estates, 1733-1844:
Alexander Mitchell's estate sold 8 May 1744 by Sarha Mitchell. The document has purchasers Abram Mitchell Sr., John Mitchell, Job Hunter, Abram Mitchell Jr. The child of Alexander Mitchell is named as Abram.

Abstract of Wills, 1690-1760, pg. 249 (a poor abstract). Pauline Mitchell Pierce had a better one:
Abraham Mitchell, Sr., will dated 8 Dec. 1747 probated April 1748. He named wife Ann, sons George, Anthony, John & to dau. Rebecca, among other things, the gold ring and ear rings that were her mothers and to daughter Katherine what was willed to her mother after her mothers death.

Land Grants of Onslow County 1712-1800:

1749 - Anthony Mitchell - 200 acres - April 11 - Book 5, p. 317

1749 - Anthony Mitchell - 200 acres - April 1 - Book 10, p. 157

Onslow County Court Minutes 1750-51, in relation to the estate of Abraham Mitchell indicates that his widow had married Peter Babcock and that John Starkey was guardian of the daughter, Catherine. Peter Babcock was in possession of the child's estate and had given security to the Court for 60 lbs. which was not half the value to the estate. Peter Babcock was then summoned to the next court to give additonal security.

Also in 1751, John Mitchell died. In April's court the widow, Mary Mitchell relinquished her right of administration to John Starkey.

July 1785--Onslow Court Minutes
Barshaba Mitchell relict to Anthoney Mitchell comes into court and pray'd for letters of administration on s'd estate, the same is granted ordered that she give bond in the sum of 400 pounds, Col. Mitchell enters as security ordered that she have letters of administration accordingly the s'd admins't being duly qualtifyed.

Onslow County Estates Records, 1735 to 1914:
Anthony Mitchell, 1785; Iventory of the Estate of Mr. Anthony Mitchell deceased. Taken June 22, 1785 by the widdow, Basheby Mitchells (her mark appears to be an "N")

Jan. 1792--Onslow Court Minutes:
Court binds unto John H. Carver, taylor to trade, two children George & Seloma Mitchel, son & dau. of Anthony Mitchell dec'd. Boy supposed to be 16 years of age; the girl supposed to be 14.

Marriage Bonds 1741-1868--Onslow County
(Talitha Mitchell's name is misspelled as "Elitha."
John Henry Carver to Elitha Mitchell, Jan. 11, 1788, wit: Col. William Cray
Archiblad Haskins to Anne Mitchell, Dec. 17, 1796, bond: Silvanus Haskins, wit: Robt. W. Snead
William Haskins to Solome Mitchell, Apr. 14, 1801, bond: Silvanus Haskins and Daniel Yeates
Thomas Melton to Lyda Mitchell, Apr. 21, 1794, bond: Menjamin Melton, wit: Col. William Cray

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