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John Millison d. Sep 1744 Chester Co. Pa. m. Mary
James Millison b. ca. 1720 m. Grace Woodward
James Millison, Jr. b. 31 May 1748 m. Abigail Hayes
Abigail Millison b. 1798 Washington Co., Pa. m. John Carver

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The immigrant ancestor of the Millison family from which I descend is unknown. The only clue is a note in the book, Passengers to America, edited by Michael Tepper, pg. 147: Scotch Prisoners to Massachusetts 1652, "London 11th of Nov., 1651--Capt. Jo(h)n Greene, ship John and Sara, sett sail for Boston, New England, from London." The list of passengers included Sander Milleson.

In the Book of Court Records of early Chester County, PA, at the Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, is the first known mention of John Milleson.
Chester - 25th, 6 mo, 1702 -- James Serrill, Plff. v. John Milison, Deft., withdrawn.
Chester - 26th, 9 mo, 1702 -- John Sorrill, Plff. v. John Millison, Deft., agreed.

The next record of John Millison was his will, written 8/25/1744 and proved 9/12/1744. In it, he names his wife, Mary and his children, Jonathan; Ann, wife of Thomas Wade; Hannah, wife of George Slone and James, who is hereafter referred to as James Millison, Sr. I have no information as to John's parents or siblings, but there was an early group of Millesons in Westmoreland County, Pa.(circa 1750-60). Click here for a thought on those.

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Of John Millison's sons, Jonathan Millison inherited the homestead, and was probably present at the marriage of his brother, James in 1743, at Bradford MM. He had a daughter, Ann, who married her first cousin, Richard Millison, the son of James Millison Sr., sometime prior to 1789. THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY, PA mentions that in 1753 Jonathan Millison was a Goshen taxable. In 1774 a Jonathan Millison is a Goshen Landowner. Peter Milleson, who believes he is a descendant of Jonathan Milleson, has a copy of the last will and testament of Jonathan Milleson, who died in Chester County, Pa., about 1778. In the will he mentions a wife Charity, and children: Hannah, Jonathan, Mary, Phobe, Jesse, Ann and John (oldest son). Jonathan Millison was not listed in the 1790 census for PA. A John Millison is listed in 1754 as a Peddler in Chester County, and John, again, in 1774 as a West Nantmeal land owner.

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James Millison , son of John and Mary Millison, married Grace Woodward, the daughter of Richard Woodward Jr. and Deborah Stanfield, in 1743. She was a Quaker and on 3/20/1742 the Bradford MM of the Quaker church records that James Millison appeared and requested membership. In 1743, the couple declared their intention to marry. There is no evidence that other members of James Millison's immediate family were Quakers, although his relatives did attend his marriage.

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In undated sales and tax lists, James Millison is mentioned as having purchased a spinning wheel, a chair and 6 "basons." James and Grace lived for a time on the land of James Woodward, brother of Grace. In 1753, James is listed as a West Bradford taxable. Their children were members of Bradford Monthly Meeting, and as birthright Quakers, and the Meeting records of their fellowship can be viewed here. Grace Woodward Millison was dead by 1786, when her husband James Millison Sr., following his son, William, was granted a certificate from Bradford MM to New Garden MM (both in Chester County, Pa.) James Millison Sr. was not listed in the 1790 census for PA. The children of James and Grace Millison were:

Richard Millison, resided in West Bradford Township, Chester Co., PA., all his life. He married his first cousin, Ann Millison, about 1789. It is reasonable to assume that Ann was the daughter of Jonathan Millison, only known brother of James Millison Jr. From the Concord MM, Ann Millison was received by request on 11/5/1783 and in 1789 was disowned for marrying her first cousin (as was Richard), but she was reinstated on 8/31/1820. Richard Milleson is mentioned in the Collection of Marshall and Buffington Papers at the Chester County Historical Society.
#1486 1791-1797 James Mckorkhill dtr to Richard Milleson
#1825 1798 Novr 30 Summons for James McCorkhill to answer Richard Milleson - debt under forty shillings.
#1665 West Bradford tax list undated: Richard Milleson, 15 acres & improvements 63 pounds - 450, 1 Horse at 10 pounds - 10, 4 cattle at 64 pounds - 16
#2258 Richard Millison, assessor (undated)
#2093 Town Election 1808, Richd Milleson
#2020 Edward Flounders Dtr to Richd Milleson; 1803 & 1805 Richard Milleson for attending court
#2005 Cash paid by Richd Milleson to Malachi Effinger Apr. 9, 1800 3-0-
#1665 West Bradford tax for 1795: Richard Milleson, 150 Acres & Improvements at 450 pounds; 1 Horse at 10 pounds - 10, 4 cattle at 4 pounds - 16
Richard Millison is listed in the 1790 Chester County, PA census, Birmingham Twp. with 2 males over 16, 1 male under 16, and one female. I believe that Richard Milleson was dead by 1820, when his wife, Ann, was reintated among Friends.

One William Millison was enrolled as private, 2nd class, Capt. Joseph Luckey's 7th Company, 3rd Battalion, Chester Co., Militia, according to the evidence of Class and Muster Fines, 1780, Account Book of Andrew Wilson, Sub Lieutenant, bearing the notation, "Fine 7.12.4", residence then was Newlin Twp. William Millison was granted a certificate to New Garden MM, 4/1/1786, and was followed by James Millison, his father, on 11/4/1786. At New Garden MM, William Millison, "son of James & Grace, dec, Chester Co., Pa." married Elizabeth Allin, d/o Benjamin and Hannah (of Chester Co., Pa) on 4/6/1791 at London Grove MM. William and Elizabeth removed to Westland MM in Washington County, Pa. in 1795, with their child, Elisha. (No other children are mentioned in the Quaker records.) Their son, Elisha married Hannah Chandler d/o Enoch and Hannah Chandler of Fayette County, PA. on 9/14/1814 at Redstone MM, and followed his parents from Washington Co., PA, to Harrison County, OH. in 1817. Plainfield MM in Harrison County, Ohio has no further record of William or his son, Elisha Millison.

James Millison, Jr. b. 31 May 1748, d. 11 Nov. 1841 m. Abigail Hayes, the daughter of Caleb Hayes and Jean Woodward. James Millison Jr. witnessed in 1770 the apprenticeship paper of Benjamin Leonard to Richard Buffington Junr of West Bradford, a mason. On Dec 3rd, 1772 "Friend Jacob Buffington pleas to pay or Answer to James Milleson Junior sum of sixteen shillings and in so doing thee will ablidge thy Friend James Woodward--James Woodward." James Millison Jr. was enrolled sometime during the period 1777-1780 as a Private, 6th class, Capt. Jacob Buffington's 8th Company, 1st Battalion, Chester County Militia, then living West Bradford Twp. On 19 Apr. 1790 James Millison paid taxes. James Millison Jr. is listed in the 1790 census in Chester County, PA, Birmingham Twp. with 1 male over 16, 3 males under 16, and 4 females, and was still mentioned as being in Chester County in 1794. Abigail joined the Quakers after her husband had been reinstated, and the family moved from Chester Co., PA about 1795, to Fayette Co., PA, and in 1796 to Washington County, PA, having followed his brother William. James Millison, Jr. had a farm near Brownsville, Pa., a tract of land he purchased in Pike Run Twp., in 1796 for the sum of $2000 from John Buffington. Here he farmed, raised sheep and had a reputation for raising fine fruit trees. Abigail Hayes Millison was born 4/11/1751 and died 7/30/18ll.

Jacob Millison who married out of unity and was disowned 5/17/1782 from Bradford MM, was most likely a son of James and Grace Millison. He is listed in the 1790 census of Chester County, PA, Birmingham Twp. with 1 male over 16 and one female.

Mary Millison was married by a priest to Mr. Cope and on 10/15/1773 was disowned. From information on the Cope GenForum I find that Mary Millison married Nathan Cope, born 6 Feb 1754. They had two known daughters Grace who married James Thorne and Sarah, who married Isaac Parker. Nathan Cope was the son of John Cope and Grace Cloud. John Cope was the son of John Cope and Charity Jefferis Evans. This John was the son of Oliver Cope and Rebecca.

For research purposes, the 1790 census for Chester County included Jacob Millison, James Millison and Richard Millison. In 1790, York County, Pa was another Jacob Millison, Chanceford Twp. with 3 males over 16, 1 male under 16 and 5 females. In 1810 federal census index for PA were Jesse Millison, Goshen Twp., Chester County, pg. 334; Jonathan Millison, Goshen Twp., Chester County, pg. 334; Richard Millison, West Bradford Twp., Chester County, pg. 136; Eve Millison, Rapaho Twp., Lancaster County, pg. 336; Widow Millison, Hempfield, Westmoreland County, pg 850; Caleb Millison, Pike Run Twp., Washington County, pg. 675; James Millison, Pike Run Twp., Washington County, pg. 675; William Millison, Fallowfield Twp., Washington County, pg. 663. In 1850 there were no Millisons listed in Washington County, PA. In Chester County, PA, 1850 were: Jonathan Millison, West Goshen; Richard Millison, West Goshen; Thomas Millison, West Goshen; Jonathan Millison, West Goshen; Oliver Millison, West Chester; Richard Millison, West Bradford; Anna M. Millison, East Goshen.

The children of James Millison Jr. were:

Caleb Millison, died Aug 1846 interstate in Goshen, Belmont Co., OH, m. Elizabeth about 1796, and for this was disowned by the Quakers. He and his wife Elizabeth removed to Goshen Township, Belmont Co., Ohio in the early 1800s with Lydia Millison and her husband, John Duvall. His children may have been Ezra, Abner and James B. Millison.

Sarah Millison 1779-1856 m. Sethecia Buffingon, b. 4/4/1777, d. 1851, resided Lee Co., IA. Seth Buffington was the son of John Buffington and Sarah Young. In John Buffington's will, proven 5/1/1804, witnesses listed are James Millison, Mary Millison, and Nathan Powell. Seth and Sarah Buffington had the following children: Orpha m. Robert Lilly; John m. Pauline Reynolds; Jesse m. 1)Evans and 2) Jones; Polly m. John Ashmead; James m. Rachel Jones; Joseph m. Mary Thompson; Seth, Jr; Abbie; Sarah; Robert; William.

Mary Millison b. 5/3/1783 m. Isaac Jones about 1806

Lydia Millison m. John Duvall about 1806, resided Belmont Co., OH

James Millison m. Dorothy Knight, d/o Abel and Ann Knight of West Pike Run Twp., on 2/9/1815, and resided Ohio, Illinois, and Lee Co., IA His children were Jonathan b. 1815; Anne, b. 1816, m. Gray; Rachel, b. 1818 d. 1822; Abigail b. 1820 m. Abel; James Millison b. 1823 and Rebecca b. 1825; Abel; Noah and Leah. In 1828 and 1829, James and Dorothy were disowned at Flushing MM, Ohio, for joining the Hicksite movement. In 1841, James and Dorothy's children Abel, James, Noah and Leah were granted a certificate from the Friends to Salem MM, Iowa.

Ann Millison m. William Jones about 1809

John Millison m. about 1816 Sarah Lewis and 2nd Ann Steel, b. 1802, resided Henry Co., IA. By his first wife, John Millison had 2 sons and a daughter, and by his second at least 6 more children. John was disowned in 1822 for marrying his second wife contrary to discipline. His father purchased for John in 1819 a tract along the road from Brownsville to Pittsburgh in Pike Run Twp which contained thereon the "Black Horse Tavern." When his father died in 1841, John immediately put his farm up for sale and moved to Iowa. He farmed in Jackson Township, Henry County, Iowa in 1850. His children are in the 1850 census in Henry County, Iowa, all were born in PA: Barnett, 27; Jehu, 24; Prudence, 20; John, 17; Nimrod, 15 and Clark, 11. According to her descendant, Kathy Parrish Smiggs (see the Millison GenForum link), Prudence Millison d/o John, was born 5/6/1830 in PA and married in IA ,William McLean Welton. Prudence died in Kansas. Clark Millison s/o John, was born 14 Sep 1838 and died 20 Oct 1931 in Salina, Saline Co, KS. He married 1st Rebecca Daugherty, 2nd Mary Roberts, and 3rd Nancy Jane Halloway. View the page of Beth Montgomery Hotaling, Ottawa, Kansas, for more information on John and Ann Steele Millison.

Abigail Millison m. 1st John Carver 4/4/1816 and 2nd Samuel Ashmeade (see below)

Rachel Millison m. Henry Scott, resided Indiana

You can view the will of James Millison, Jr. here.

Abigail Millison, d/o James Millison Jr.,
married 1816 John Carver and 1824 Samuel Ashmeade, her children were:

Elizabeth Carver, b. about 1817 m. Thomas Nixon, no children

John Henry Carver, b. 1819 m. Mary Risinger and Margaret Jane Bartow, 13 children

James Millison Carver, b. 1820 m. Catherine and lived near Brownsville, PA

Clarissa A. Ashmeade b. 1824, m. Jesse Reeves and resided Richmond, IN

Sarah J. Ashmeade b. 1826 unmarried and resided Van Buren Co. IA

Meriah A. Ashmeade b. 1834 m.George F. Walker and resided Van Buren Co., IA

Hiram Ashmeade b. 1836, m. Ella and resided Van Buren Co., IA

Clarkson Ashmeade, twin, b. 1829 m. Jane and resided Clark Co., MO

Benson Ashmeade, twin, b. 1829, m. Vashti Carrol and resided Brownsville, PA.

View Samuel Ashmead's will here.

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