William Matlack b. ca. 1660 m. Mary Hancock
Joseph Matlack b. ca. 1690 m. Rebecca Haines
Ruth Matlack b. 1729 m. Thomas Sheward

William Matlack came to New Jersey on the Kent in 1677, as a boy, and in 1682 married Mary Hancock and had several children, of whom a son Joseph Matlack, married in 1722, Rebecca, daughter of John and Esther Borton Haines, of Rancocas. The children of William Matlack and Mary Hancock are listed in's "Gene Pool" as follows:

Mary Matlack, born 2 May 1688 Burlington Co, Evesham, NJ
Jane Matlack, born 1692 Burlington, Mt. Holly, NJ, died Chester County, PA, married George Irwin
Richard Matlack, born 1694 in Burlington Co., Evesham, NJ, died 1778 Gloucester Co., NJ, married Mary Wood Coles
Timothy Matlack, born 8 May 1695 Burlington Co., NJ, died. 19 Oct 1752 Burlington, maried Martha Burr
Joseph born 1700-1701 Camden or Penisauken, NJ, died November 1771, married Rebecca Haines
Sarah Matlack, born 1704 Penisauken, NJ, d. 1774 Burlington Co., NJ

In 1729, Joseph and his wife brought a certificate from Friends of Haddonfield, and settled on land devised to her by her father, on the east side of the present borough of West Chester. They had several children, as follows:

Jemima, b. 4, 20, 1723 (Camden Haddonfield NJ) m. James Pennell, 3,15, 1741
Isaiah, b. 2, 25, 1725 (Camden Haddonfield NJ)
Nathan, b. 3, 16, 1727 (Camden Haddonfield NJ), m. Mary Mercer
Ruth, b. 12, 23, 1729 (Camden Haddonfield NJ), m. Thomas Sheward, 9, 10, 1748
Esther, b. 6, 23, 1733 (Chester, Birmingham PA), m. George Brinton
Jesse, b. 10, 2, 1735 (Chester Goshen PA), died young
Jonathan, b. 3/16/1737 (Chester PA), m. Hannah Waln
Joseph, b. 7, 25, 1740 (Chester Goshen PA), died young
Amos, b. 9, 22, 1744 (Chester PA), m. Hannah Trego
Caleb, b. 2, 14, 1750 (Chester PA), died young.

This information is taken from the HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVAIA, and was found again in's "Gene Pool" database.

The following is the will of Joseph Matlack:

Chester County, Pennsylvania, 9 Nov. 1771, Proved 30 Nov. 1771. Joseph Matlack. Goshen. To son Isiah, 10 pounds; to son Nathan 75 pounds in trust for his son, Nathan, when he is 21; to daughter Jemima widow of James Pennell 50 pounds; to daughter Ruth wife of Thomas Sheward 35 pounds; to daughter Esther wife of Geo. Brinton 50 pounds; to son Amos tract of land in Goshen containig 120 acres. All remainder of land i now live on to son Jonathan, containing 170 acres. Executor son Jonathan residuary legacy.

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