The Mackintosh Family of Long Is., New Jersey and Hunting Grove, NY

Phineas Mackintosh, d. 1732, m. 1722 Elizabeth Alsop
Charles Mackintosh, d.1749, m. Susanna Marschalk
Susanna Mackintosh m. Nathan Smith

Phineas Mackintosh came into possession of 2,000 acres in the western portion of the old town of New Windsor in 1717, within the boundary of Ulster (now Orange County), NY. There is a note the "Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New Jersey, Vol. XI," August the 3rd, 1725. All Persons concerned are hereby informed. That a Council of Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey, are to meet at the House of Phineas Mackintosh at Perth-Amboy, on Tuesday the 10th Day of this Instant August.

Phineas Mackintosh left a will in New York, "Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744," I, Phineas Mackintosh, being of sound mind but weak in body. "My wife Elizabeth is to have the full use and benefit of all my estate for the maintainance of herself and my son, and in giving my son as good an education as my estate will allow." And after he is of age the profits of the estate are to be divided between them. I leave to my son the farm Huntting Grove, being 500 acres and the mill and 300 acres adjoining to it. The woodland and the unimproved land are to be laid out in such a manner as shall be most convenient. If my son should die under age without issue, then 1/2 of the estate is to go to my brother Joseph's son Phineas, or such other son as my brother shall send over to this country, "that the said estate may remain in the name of Mackintosh," the other half of my estate to go to my wife or her heirs. My will is that 800 acres of land, remaining after the lands above described, shall be sold by my executors. I make Cadwallader Colden, Esq., and my brother-in-law, John Alsop, executors.
Dated August 24, 1731. Witnesses, Richard Charlton, Charles Clinton, Benjamin Howard. (The name of the son is not given.) Proved, August 17, 1732.

Charles Mackintosh, the son of Phineas and Elizabeth Alsop Mackintosh, did not enjoy a long life. He married Susanna Marshalk and had two children before his death in 1749. He left a will in New York, now in "Abstracts of Wills, Vol IV 1744-1753," page 35: In the name of God, Amen. I, Charles Mackintosh, of New York, being in good health. My son Phineas and my daughter Susanah are to be maintained out of the profits of my estate until they are of age. I leave all my estate to my wife Susanah, and my children, Phineas and Susanah; my son is to have one-half and my wife and daughter each one-quarter. I make my wife and my friends, Stephen Bayard, of New York, and Richard Alsop, of Newtown, executors.
Dated February--, 1747. Witnesses, Elizabeth Parker, Par. Parmyter, Dudley Crofts. Proved, November 24, 1749. Letters of Administration were later granted to John Fel1 in June 1750. Fell had married his widow, Susanna.

Susan Mackintosh married Nathan Smith.

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