George Kirkendall b. 1770 m. Elizabeth Briggs
George Washington Kirkendall b. 1811 m. Elizabeth Weese
Elijah Brock Kirkendall b. 1834 m. Mary Poling Frazee
Flora Frazee Kirkendall b. 1863 m. Thomas Nixon Carver

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Notes on Jacob Kirkendall VA>OH>IN - possible connection.
Some Kirkendall Indiana Marriages

George Kirkendall was born 6 Jan 1770 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth Briggs, born 11 Aug 1770 VA and shortly migrated to Bath Twp., Greene County, Ohio. Later they left Ohio for Hamilton County, IN, where George died 17 May 1845, and Elizabeth Briggs Kirkendall died 17 May 1848. Their children were: Rosanna (1790); Elizabeth (1792); Mary "Polly" (1795); Matthew (1797); Sarah (1799); Joseph (1802); Susannah (1805); Hannah (1807); John (1809); George Washington (1811) and Catherine (1813).

The Children of George Kirkendall and Elizabeth Briggs

Rosanna Kirkendall was born 26 Sep 1790. She married 21 Oct 1806 in Greene County, Ohio, John Cazad, born 29 Jun 1786 in Bernardstown, Sommerset Co., NJ, son of Anthony and Caty Coon. Their children were Thomas Cazad, born 15 July 1811 in Greene County and died 1 Jan 1883; Rosanna, born 27 Jan 1813 in Greene County, on which date Rosanna Kirkendall Cazad died of childbirth. Rosanna Cazad married 27 Jan 1831 in Greene County, OH to Jesse Ratliff (Radcliff) and the Ratliffs moved first to Hamilton County, IN and later to VanBuren County, IA . John Cazad married again 4 Aug 1814 to Sophia Shoup in Greene County and died 15 May 1854 at Fairfield,Greene County, OH.

Elizabeth Kirkendall was born 4 Nov 1792 and married in 1813 to Absalom Hacker, b. 1787 Harrison Co., WVa, the son of John Hacker and Margaret Sleeth. Elizabeth Kirkendall Hacker appears to have had children during the 1820 (Alexander Co., IL), 1830-40 census (Hamilton Co., IN). In 1850 the couple is living in Fall Creek Twp, Hamilton Co., IN: Absalon Hacker 62 VA with Elizabeth 57 Ky.

Mary "Polly" Kirkendall was born 14 Aug 1795, Ohio and married Joseph Kirkendall, relationship unknown, on 26 Jan 1817 in Greene County, OH as his second wife. Joseph's first wife was unknown, but he had two children by her, Phebe Kirkendall born 30 Mar 1812, d. 28 Dec 1843; and Mealy Kirkendall, b. 31 Jan 1815, d. 18 July 1833. The family lived mainly in Hamilton County, IN, near Noblesville. The children of Joseph and Mary "Polly" Kirkendall were: Adam Kirkendall, b. 1 Oct 1717 Ohio, married 25 Feb 1841 to Hannah R. Coborn, died 22 Jul 1847 IN; Matthew Kirkendall, born 3 Nov 1819, m. 2 Jan 1844 Mrs. Rachel Landistaken, d. 27 Mar 1859, childless; Elizabeth Kirkendall b. 25 Jan 1821, d. 3 Aug 1822; Jacob Kirkendall, b. 8 Jan 1823, d. 4 Sep 1823; William C Kirkendall, b. 4 Feb 1825, d. 20 Feb 1847; Monasse Kirkendall, b. 16 Mar 1827, d. 25 Feb 1843; George W. Kirkendall, b. 6 Dec 1828 Hamilton Co, IN, m. 4 Apr 1852, Marion Co IN Charlotte Sappenfield, d. 9 Feb 1865 Binnakers Bridge, SC; Ephraim L. Kirkendall, b. 6 Mar 1831 IN, m. 1st Sarah A Jackson 3 Apr 1858 in Van Buren Co IA and 2nd Mary E., died about 1899 Chatuauqua Co, KS; John "Hamilton" Kirkendall, b. 18 Mar 1833, m. 14 Jun 1844 Rachel Dorrah, d. 26 May 1914, lived Noblesville, IN; Mary Kirkendall b. 25 July 1835, d. 2 May 1863; Martha Kirkendall b. 29 Oct 1837 m. 24 May 1855 Hamilton Co IN Robert Nance and died 12 Mar 1857. Mary "Polly" Kirkendall died on 7 Sep 1852 in Hamilton County, IN. Her husband Joseph Kirkendall married a third time to Mrs. Elizabeth Kinsley and had a son, Harvey Kerr Kirkendall, born 4 May 1857, m. Clemmie D. Moore on 23 Apr 1882 in Hamilton County, IN. Joseph Kirkendall died 15 Jan 1872.

Matthew Kirkendall was born 13 Apr 1797 in Ohio and on 26 July 1820 in Clark Co. OH, he married Sarah Martin, born 1805 NY. The family lived in Hamilton County, IN and by 1860 had moved to Monroe County, IA, where the couple died. Their children were: Margaret Kirkendall born 1823 Greene Co., OH, m. 13 Oct 1842 Joseph Klingensmith in IN, died 24 Jan 1916 Lovillia, IA; Robert Martin Kirkendall, b. 1825 Hamilton Co IN, m. 29 Aug 1846 in Hamilton Co IN Betsy Campbell, 2nd 18 Nov 1856 in Marion Co IA Hannah Kelsey; d. 27 Apr 1880 Osborne Co. KS; Joseph C. Kirkendall, b. 1831 IN, m. 14 Oct 1852 IN Peggy Crossley; John G. Kirkendall, b. 1833 IN; Conrad G. Kirkendall, b. 1835 IN, m. Permelia Jane Funk 26 Aug 1856 Monroe Co IA, d. 17 Mar 1900 Stone Co. MO; William Kirkendall b. 1839 IN; Sarah Jane Kirkendall b. 184- IN; Hannah Kirkendall b. 1847 IN; and Harriet Kirkendall b. 1854 IN.

Sarah Kirkendall was born 10 Aug 1799 in Ohio and married Alexander Hacker by 1836 when their daughter Lucida was born in Hamilton Co IN on 6 Feb 1836. Sarah's father, George Kirkendall deeded property to A & S Hacker in 1836. Alexander died and on 9 May 1837 Absalom Hacker was named administer of his estate. On 13 Apr 1844, Sarah married Robert Dorrah, who had several children, namely Rachel (who would marry John H. Kirkendall), Margaret, Elizabeth, and David Dorrah. Sarah Kirkendall Hacker Dorrah was alive in the 1880 census for Fall Creek twp, Hamilton County, IN, without Robert.

Joseph Kirkendall was born 12 Nov 1802 in Ohio and married Olive ___. Joseph was dead by 29 Mar 1828, when his brother Matthew Kirkendall was named administrator of his estate. No information on children, if any.

Susannah Kirkendall was born 21 May 1805 in Greene Co. OH. She married Conrad Grindle on 21 Aug 1822 in Greene County. Their children were Phebe Grindle who married Garland Fouts; Elizabeth Grindle who married Thomas Singleton; Mary Ann Grindle who married John McLain; Jacob Grindle, b. 1830 IN; John Henry, b. 1832 IN; Susanna Grindle, b. 1834 IN; and Christina Grindle, b. 1836 IN. Conrad Grindle came to Bath twp, Greene Co OH by 1827 and resettled in Hamilton County, IN, by 1831. He died and on 25 Mar 1836, George Kirkendall and George W. Kirnendall were named administrators of his extate in Hamilton County, IN. In 1840-1850, Susannah Kirkendall Grindle was living alone with the children.

Hannah Kirkendall was born 20 June 1807 in Greene County, OH and on 12 Feb 1823 Marion Co, IN, married Israel Jackson, b. 1796 PA. Their children were Harriett Jackson, b. 1826; George H. Jackson, b. 1829, m. Rachel; Catherine Jackson, b. 1831; Susanna Jackson, b. 1833; Anthony Jackson, b. 1836; Mary Ann Jackson, b. 1839; David A. Jackson, b. 1841; William H. Jackson, b. 1843; John W. Jackson, b. 1846; Hannah (or Henrietta) I. Jackson, b. 1850; Samantha Jackson, b. 1850 (twin); and Sarah E. Jackson, b. 1852. By the 1860 census in Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN, Hannah is alone with the younger children.

John Kirkendall was born 14 July 1809. No further information.

George Washington Kirkendall was born 16 July 1811 in Bath Township, Greene Co. OH. On 9 Oct 1831 he married Elizabeth Weese, d/o Daniel Weese and Sarah Sheward in Hamilton County, IN. They lived in Hamilton County, IN until about 1846 and by 1857 had settled in Kansas. The children of George Washington Kirkendall and Elizabeth Weese were: Matthew Weese Kirkendall, b. 16 Aug 1832 IN, m. 1st Mary E. Jackson, 2 Oct 1853 Van Buren Co., IA, 2nd Calista Garlinghouse 24 Dec 1861, d. 15 June 1915 Emporia KA; Elijah Brock Kirkendall, b. 20 Feb 1834 IN, m. 15 Apr 1858 Mary Poling Frazee Van Buren Co., IA, d. 31 Dec 1914 Douds, IA; Clarinda Kirkendall b. 22 Feb 1836 IN, m. 29 Apr 1858 Emporia, KS Henry W. Gardner, d. 24 Oct 1893, Brockport, NY; Phebe Ann Kirkendall b. 18 Jan 1838 IN, d. 1840 IN; Matilda Kirkendall, b. 17 Aug 1839 IN, m. 20 Sep 1859 Emporia, KS Jasper Pickett, d. 14 July 1930 Emporia, KS; Mahala Laura Kirkendall, b. 11 Jan 1842 IN, m. 14 Feb 1860 Emporia, KS James A. Newlin, d. 2 Feb 1929 Emporia, KS; Mary Jane Kirkendall, b. 19 July 1845 IN, m. 6 Sep 1865 William Morris, 2nd 29 Sep 1870 J. B. Hodgin, d. 7 Jan 1887 Oswego, KS; James Taylor Kirkendall, b. May 1849 Van Buren Co., IA, m. July 1872 Martha A. Blakey, d. 24 July 1928 Baytown, TX; Sarah Elizabeth Kirkendall, b. 1 Mar 1854 IA, d. 1 Dec 1940 Emporia, KS. In 1850 George W. Kirkendall was found in El Dorado Co., CA with his son, Matthew W. Kirkendall, where the two had followed the 1849 Gold Rush. He had left his wife and other children in Van Buren County, Iowa. By 1856, he was back in Iowa. George Washington Kirkendall died 29 Mar 1888 in Emporia, KS and Elizabeth Weese Kirkendall died 24 Sep 1892 in Emporia. Both are buried in the Haworth Cemetery.

Catherine Kirkendall was born 3 Nov 1813 in Greene County, Ohio and married James Weese about 1831. He was born 1810 in Ohio, but it is believed they married in Indiana. This family moved to Henry County, Iowa prior to 1840 and by 1850 were in Lee County, Iowa. James Weese is probably the brother of Elizabeth Weese, who married Catherine's brother, George Washington Kirkendall. James Weese died about 1858 in Fort Madison, Iowa, and Catherine Kirkendall Weese died there about 1878. The children of James and Catherine Kirkendall Weese were: Daniel Weese, b. 21 July 1832 in Allen Co. IN, m. 21 Mar 1855 Ft. Madison, IA Margaret Huett, d. 16 Mar 1906 in Edwards Co, KS; Ephraim Weese b. 1834, m. 9 Mar 1859 Rebecca Cronen, d. 12 Sept 1862 Jefferson City, MO, a casualty of war; Sarah Weese, b. 1837 m. 1st John Wright (killed in Civil War), 2nd Mr. Roth; Elizabeth Weese, b. July 1839 IA, m. Malachi Murphy, d. 6 Mar 1907 Clark Co MO; George W. Weese, b. 1844 Henry Co, IA, m. Martha Lamb, d. 9 Dec 1900 Beech Grove, AR; John Oliver Weese (twin) b. 1844 m. Mrs. Sarah Garlinghouse 24 Nov 1866 in Van Buren Co, IA, d. 9 Mar 1900 Clay Co, AR; Henry Weese, b. Apr 1847 Lee Co, IA, m. Amanda J. Croen, d. 3 Aug 1889, Lee Co, IA; Catherine Weese, b. 1851 Lee Co, IA, m. 1st Charles Evans, 2nd Mr. Owens, d. Paragould, AR; Mary Weese, b. 1845 m. John Thompson; Maria Weese, b. 1854 Lee Co, IA m. Fred Knoche, d. Oct 1929 Ft. Madison, IA.

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