His Ancestors and Descendants

Adam Hawkes 1605 Eng. to Massachusettes m. Anne Browne
John Hawkes b. 1633 MA m. Sarah Cushman
Thomas Hawkes b. 1673 MA m. Sarah Haven
Jonathan Hawkes b. 1712 MA m. Abigail Farrington
Jonathan Hawks b. 1753 MA m.1)Rachel Sprague; 2) Mary (?Johnson)
Jonathan Hawks (1) b. 1790 ME m. Abigail McClennan
William Hawks b. 1813 PA m.1)Elizabeth Rosencrans, 2)Elizabeth Morris
Hulda Evelyn Hawks b. 1855 NY m. William Davis Deterick

Please view the The Hawks Family by G. Tracey Roberts, 1979, an essay.

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The ancestors of Jonathan Hawks, born 1790 Maine to Sullivan Co., N.Y. were obtained from the book, "Adam Hawkes of Saugus, MA 1605-1672," by Ethel Farrington Smith of the Adam Hawkes Family Association, a copy of which I own. Visit the link to the Descendants of Adam Hawkes for more history.

The connection to Jonathan Hawkes who married Rachel Sprague and later, Mary, mother of Jonathan, was harder to aquire and to my knowledge, is still built on compelling circumstantial evidence. Based on the family history sketched by G. Tracey Roberts, given above, and the recollections of my grandmother, Elizabeth Catherine Deterick, great-granddaughter of Jonathan Hawks b. 1790, I believe I have the right family.

View Vol. XVII Hawkes Talks.

The children of Jonathan Hawks and Abigail McClennan were: William, John, Johnson, Edward, Mary Ann, Alexander, Margaret, Henry, Huldah and Eliza.

William Hawks was born April 13, 1813 in Pennsylvania and married first, Elizabeth Rosencrans. By her he had a son Henry Augustus. (See the history of G. Tracey Roberts above) William married second, Elizabeth Morris and had several more children.

Henry Augustus Hawks, born 1839, died 1904
William Howell Hawks, born 1847 and died 1851
Jonathan Edgar Hawks, born 1849, died 1851
Theodore Morris Hawks, was born about1859 and in 1900 lived in Butler County, Pa. with his wife, Analena, and children: Homer Edsall(4), b. 1879 and in 1910 lived Monroe Co. Ohio; Theodore Clarence(4), b. 1881 m. Mayme, and lived in 1910 in Fairfield Co. Ohio with children, Wilma, Myles and Mona, and, according to family legend, had more children and married a second time; Carl Eugene(4), b. 1884; Wilamena E.(4), b. 1886; and Elizabeth(4), b. 1889.
Selah Mapes Hawks, born 11-9-1854 and died 1-20-1896, unmarried
Huldah Evelyn Hawks, born 1855 and died 1930, married William Davis Detrick
Francis Marion Hawks, born about 1859 NY
Alonzo Bush Hawks, born 1867 and died 1867 at 3 mo
Hattie Elizabeth Hawks, born 1870 and died 1873.

John Hawks was born about 1815 and lived in Cochecton Center He married Sarah Dailey and died in 1898.

Andrew Jackson Hawks, born July 1848
Hiram Edward Hawks, born September 1850 and married about 1882, Sarah M.
Robert Henry Hawks, born 1852 and died 1862
Jonathan Asa Hawks, born September 1854
Harvey Benjamin Hawks, born 1857
Mary Ann Hawks, born September 1859

Johnson Hawks b. 1816-18 Mary Smith and 2nd Martha Reed and moved to Wisconsin. In the Old Bethel Cemetery, Bethel, Sullivan Co., NY is the grave of Hawks, Mary Ava, wife of Johnson, died 7 May 1851, aged 22 years. The 1900 census in Mariott, Waushara Co., Wisc. shows the family of Johnson Hawks and indicates that Johnson was born Dec. 1816 NY, his wife Martha E. was born Oct. 1830 in NY and their son Daniel E. Hawks was born Sept. 1853 in NY

Edward Hawks was born 1818, served in the Civil War. He married Abigail Holbert and had numerous children, who were raised in Pike Co., PA. After the war, Edward was dead, Abigail had died in 1858, and one child, George Hawks(3), was adopted by Edward's sister, Hulda Braffet. The 1850 census of Pike Co., Lackawaxen Twp. are Edward 32 NY, Abigail 27, Mary A. 8, Abigail 3, and Royal 2/12. The son George was b. 6/3/1857 and his Hawks relatives pressed for his orphan's pension in 1864-66. In 1864, George Hawks was named the only surviving child of the deceased. Edward Hawks had died of typhoid contracted during the war.

Mary Ann Hawks , born about 1821 married John Dougherty b. 1807 in PA. My grandmother states she had children, Sam, Amy, Philip (who worked in NY), Elmira, Mary (who had two daughters who worked in Washington state as milliners), Margaret (married Mr. Starr, a lawyer in Monticello who hanged himself. They had lots of children, "some of whom turned out pretty good."), and Stephen.

Almira Dougherty, born about 1842 NY
Margaret Doughtery, born about 1843
Samuel H. Doughterty, born about 1845 NY
Harrison Doughterty, born about 1847
Amirilus Doughtery (daughter), born about 1849
Henrietta Dougherty, born about 1851
John N. Dougherty, born about 1853 NY
George R. Dougherty, born about 1856
Mary E. Dougherty, born about 1857.

Alexander Hawks was born about 1823 NY. Grandmother says he was called "Sandy" by the family, never married, and Grandmother quoted her mother, Hulda Hawks Deterick, "Mother said, she said he was one of the nicest, most pleasant men you'd ever want to know when he was sober."

Margaret Hawks (2), born about 1825, married Isaac Daily. they lived in 1850 and 1860 in Tusten.

Zacharia Daily, born 1849
Mary J. Daily born 1851; Adeline, born 1853; Harrison P., born 1855; Jonathan, born 1858.

Henry Hawks (1828 - 1836)

Huldah Hawks was born about 1831 and married Joseph Braffet. Joseph Braffet, b. 1826, was named guardian of George Hawks, after the death of his parents. No further information.

Eliza Hawks, the youngest child, was born about 1835. She became the second wife of Silvester Mapes after 1860. He was quite a bit her senior and had many of his own children. She died after the birth of her daughter, Virginia.

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