Gabriel Drollinger m. Anna Margaretha Lottholtz
Margaretha Drollinger m. Samuel Jackson

Gabriel Drollinger was born in Germany about 1722 and died in Salem County, New Jersey in 1805. He married Anna Margaretha Lottholtz, who was born in Germany aboout 1720/1, and also died in Salem County. Their daughter Margaret was born 14 September 1744 and baptised on 20 April 1745 at the Friesburg Lutheran Church of Salem County, New Jersey. She may have had a brother Gabriel Drollinger who also appears on George's Creek, Alleghany County, MD in 1800 with the Samuel Jacksons.

Margaretha Drollinger married Phillip Kelch on 23 November 1764 in Mannington, Salem County, NJ. They had three children, Leonard Kelch, Susannah Kelch, who married Peter Keyser Blue (a Revolutionary War Patriot) and Elizabeth Kelch. Phillip Kelch died 24 January 1771 in Mannington, Salem County, NJ. Margaretha married Samuel Jackson on 9 February 1773 in Mannington. Later, the Jacksons and the Drollingers were early settlers of Alleghany County, MD, the Jacksons receiving a patent in 1793.

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