The Comfort Family, from Long Island to Sullivan County, New York

Robart Cumfort, 1690 Newtown, Long Island
Robert Comfort and Elizabeth Betts
Benjamin Comfort (1743-1834) and Mary
Mary "Polly" Comfort and Jabez Norris

My information comes from Mr. Kenneth Comfort and his source, "The Comfort Families of America," 1971, by Cecelia and Roland Botting. According to this record, "Polly Comfort m. Jabez Norris." She was the 8th child of Benjamin Comfort (c1743-11/9/1834) and Mary (c1766-5/25/1828). From Mr. Ken Comfort, "Benjamin is believed to have been a Tory among the military perisoners confined at New Windosr, Orange Co., NY on 10/13/1777 for 'being among enemies of the state found in arms against the State.' He was probably the Corporal Comfort granted 200 acres at Clements, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia in 1784. He returned and was enumerated in the 1790 census of Fishkill, NY. In 1797, he purchased land in Ulster Co., NY. He resided in Mamakating until his death. He and Mary are buried in the Baptist Cemetery at New Vernon, Mamakating Township.

"Benjamin was the 5th child of Robert, Jr. and Elizabeth Betts. She came from a prominent Quaker family of merchants. He served 1715 in CPT Daniel Stevenson's Military Company at Newtown (now Elmhurst on Long Island). They married 10/19/1722 at the Newtown Presbyterian Church. About 1740, he moved to Montgomery, Orange County, NY and witnessed a codicil to the will of Henry Wileman 10/18/1743.

"Robert, Jr. is the son of Robart Cumfort shown in the 1690 census on Newtown. It is here that the legend of the three brothers coming over on the ship America and going their seperte ways. My source is Comfort Families of America, 1971, by Cecelia and Roland Botting."

Also from the book, the siblings of Mary Comfort Norris are listed:

Anna (Annatje, Hannah)(c1781-12/10/1857)
John C. (1790 [1770?]-11/8/1822)
Phebe (5/28/1792-2/28/1860)
Benjamin (5/3/1796-4/4/1843)
Robert (1798-2/8/1847)
Jane (Josie)
Daniel T.

From another source in Sullivan County, New York, the tombstones read in New Vernon Cemetery are Benjamin Comfort, died 11/9/1834 age 91 years; Mary Comfort died 5/25/1828 age 62 years; John C. Comfort died 11/8/1822 age 52y 2d. Benjamin and Mary Comfort left at least four sons and two daughters (among those, Benjamin, Robert and John C.)

I found Elizabeth Betts, wife of Robert Comfort, to be the daughter of Thomas Betts and Mercy Whitehead. I did not find that she was from a Quaker family, however. Thomas Betts and Mercy Whitehead were from Newtown, Queens County, Long Island, NY.

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