John Henry Carver b. Germany m. Talitha Mitchell of NC
John Carver m. Abigail Millison
John Henry Carver m. Margaret Jane Bartow
Thomas Nixon Carver b. 1865 m. Flora Frazee Kirkendall
Helen Grace Carver m. Hugh Wetzel Lester

Read the genealogical portion of the autobiograpy of Thomas Nixon Carver, Recollections of an Unplanned Life, 1949.

Descendant Chart from Hinshaw's Quaker Records, Historical Collections of Harrison County, by Charles A. Hanna; The Raley Family Genealogy; and other sources:

The Raley Genealogy, courtesy of Marilyn Brooks, of Frederick, MD, gives the following regarding the earliest immigrant ancestor the the Carver Family. In it gives the following information on page 198-99.

"Information on the Carver family was shared by Carl Hollingsworth and by Josef Jackson. The latter obtained data from Charlotte (Mahr) Carver Carlstrom of Mill Creek, Washington. According to her records, John Henry Carver was the son of Johann Hieurik Koerber and his wife Elizabeth. (Charlotte Carlstrom sent e-mail in 3/1999 stating that this was not proven, but was only a lead she had investigated. Parents of John Henry Carver, are as yet, unproven.) Talitha Mitchell was the daughter of Anthony Mitchell and his wife, Bathsheba. The Commeorative Biographical Record of Harrison County, Ohio (Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co., 1891), in its sketch of Elijah Carver (pp. 94-95) provides the following background:
The family originated in Germany, where for many years they had engaged in the pursuit of agriculture. John Henry, father of our subject, was in early youth embued with the spirit of adventure, and determined to satisfy his desire in that direction. Accordingly he enlisted as a drummer boy in a regiment of Hessian soldiers who were preparing to start for America, and with them he came hither and fought [obviously on the side of England] through the entire Revolutionary War. Soon after peace was declared, he, having already determined to remain in the new Republic, was united in marriage to Talitha Mitchel, a resident of North Carolina [emphasis added]. Some time after marriage Mr. and Mrs. Carver removed to Mount Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio, where they arrived in 1798, and remained until 1803, when they removed to Flushing Township, Belmont County, remaining there until 1812, when Mr. Carver came to Freeport and purchased the farm where his death occurred...Mr. Carver and family were consistent members of the Society of Friends. He was a man of strong convictions, and, while a member of the Federal party, still was a strong Abolitionist. He never sought political preferment, but quietly attended to his home duties..."

John Henry Carver, born 9 Mar 1758, and Talitha Mitchell, born 1 October 1768, married in 1788, by license from the Governor dated 1/31/1788 in Onslow County, NC. The Historical Collections of Harrison County, Hanna, mentions John Henry Carver, born in Germany and came to the U.S. to serve as a drummer boy with a regiment of Hessian soldiers who served on the British side in the American Revolution. From North Carolina he settled first at Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio in 1789 and moved next to Flushing township, Belmont County. In 1812 he located at Freeport, Harrison County. He died 3/15/1841 and Talitha died 3/14/1845. From this genealogy I learned of the children of Abner and Elijah Carver.

View John Henry Carver's Will
John Henry Carver and Talitha Mitchell were Quakers and have the following children recorded in the Flushing Monthly Meeting Minutes:

John Carver b. 6 July 1791, Onslow Co., NC m. 4 Apr 1816 Abigail Millison, Washington Co. Pa., d. 24 Nov. 1820, Freeport, Harrison Co., Ohio, buried: Green Mount Cem.,Freeport, Ohio.

Rebecca Carver, b. 15 July 1793, Onslow Co., NC m. 28 Sept. 1815 John C. Thompson at Flushing Monthly Meeting and 27 March 1837 at Freeport.

Henry Carver b. 4 Apr. 1795, Onslow Co.,NC, m. 25 Dec 1818 Anna Strahl, d/o Thomas and Martha, Belmont Co., Ohio. Henry Carver, Jr. and Ann Strahl were the first to marry in Flushing Monthly Meeting, 12th Mo. 25th, 1818. Flushing was located in Freeport, Belmont County Ohio. Henry d. 16 Nov 1836 Ohio. Anna died 1856 and was buried in Freeport.

Elizabeth Carver b. 15 Apr 1797, Onslow Co., NC, m. Elijah Covington, 4 December 1818, by Daniel David, J.P. She died by 1840.

James Carver, b. 21 Sep 1799, Jefferson Co., Ohio, m. 28 February 1821 at Fairfield MM, Mary Ferguson, d/o Nimrod & Anna, Highland Co., Ohio. James and Mary moved to Indiana.

Ann Carver, b. 7 Oct 1802, Jefferson Co., Ohio, m. 24 November 1826 Thomas Raley at Flushing MM. She died 19 Dec 1869 at Bangor, Marshall Co., Iowa. (Marilyn L. Brooks is a descendant of Ann Carver Raley)

Abner Carver, b. 23 Jan 1805, Belmont Co.,OHIO, m. 8/5/1830 (1)Eliza Norris, d/o Thomas of Freeport; Eliza died 7/23/1855. He m. (2)Rachel Cullen, who died 8/14/1882. Abner Carver died 5/13/1884, Harrison Co., Ohio

Mary Carver, b. 27 Feb. 1807, Flushing, Belmont Co., Ohio, m. Thomas Cox, and settled in Iowa.

Elijah Carver, b. 17 July 1810, Flushing, Belmont Co., OH m. 26 Nov.1835 (1)Nancy Boals, d/o James Boals and Margaret McKee of Freeport, who was born about 1813. Nancy died 1/24/1854. Elijah married (2) Narcissa F. Bevan, d/o Joseph Bevan on 4/25/1871.

John Carver (s/o Henry) b. 1791 died in 1820. The records of Harrison county, Ohio, have record of his estate "N 115", view it here. John Carver had the following children:
Elizabeth Ann Carver, b. 1817 OH, m. Thomas Nixon and had no children; John Henry Carver, b. 1819, m. (1)Mary Risinger, (2)Margaret Jane Bartow, he had 13 children, covered later; James Millison Carver m. Catherine. James Millison Carver lived in Brownsville, Pa. "Millison" Carver's children were Sarah E., b. 1845; William S., b. 1847; and Mary B., b. 1856.

Henry Carver (s/o Henry), b. 1799 had the following children:

Thomas died 1820; John b. 1822; William T. Carver, b. 1824; James Carver b. 1826; Ruth Carver b. 1828; Dimsdill Carver b. 1831; Alexander Carver b. 1833 d. 1834; Henry M. Carver b. 1835

Ann Carver b. 1802 married Thomas Raley and had the following children:
Talitha Ann Raley, 1827-1885 married 1) Jonathan L. Ridgeway and 2) Isaac Stanbrough; Robert Raley, 1828-1912 married Martha T. Hull; Sarah Jane Raley 1830-1910 m. 1)Elihu Hiatt, divorced, and 2)George McNichols; Abner Raley 1832-1922, married Mary L. Moorman; and Phebe Raley, 1834-1890, married Stephen Gardner Hollingsworth.

Abner Carver (s/o Henry) b. 1805 had the following children:
Harriet; Harrison N.; Thomas P. Carver b. 9/19/1843 who served in the Civil War and on 11/15/1868 married Mary A. Johnson, d/o William Johnson, of Smyrna. Thomas P. (s/o Abner) had Clara E; Harry; William; Fred; Abner; Carl; Roy; and Delmar.

Elijah Carver (s/o Henry) b. 1810 had the following children:
Henry B.; Mary J.; James C.; Anna; Thaddeus. Henry B.(s/o Elijah) 1836-1890, settled in Washington Township m. Sarah Phillips 1858, d/o John Phillips. Sarah d. 8/20/1876 and had Arizona B. 2/19/1859; Zora Belle 1/20/1862 who m. George Regle; Henry B. m. (2) Nancy E. McCullough on 3/20/1878, d/o Jonathan McCullough, of Tippecanoe. He had twins Eustace Eric and Eunice Erva b. 10/21/1879. Mary J. Carver (d/o Elijah) m. Thomas Sloan.

John Henry Carver (John-Henry) was born 1819 in Harrison County, Ohio and died in California. His father died when he was quite young and John Henry Carver was raised with his mother's people in Washington County, PA. He learned the trade of steamboat carpenter. On 7/8/1841 he married Mary Risinger in Ripley County, Indiana and moved to Wapello County, Iowa, in 1846 and took up land. His first three sons by Mary Risinger were Luther R. b. 1843, James b. 1845 and Isaac Newton b. 1847. Mary died by 1850, as John H. Carver, carpenter, was alone with his three sons, all born Indiana, in the Federal census, Wapello County, Iowa. Luther R. Carver died 7/11/1922 in Ripley Co., Indiana. Luther had served in the Civil War and was afterwards a fireman on the DesMoines Valley RR all his life. Of James Carver I have no further knowledge. Isaac Newton Carver graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College, specializing in chemistry and was a pharmacist. Later, John Henry Carver married Margaret Jane Bartow and had 10 more children: Bartow, Scott, Clara, Cora, Samuel, John who died aged 12, Thomas Nixon, Charles, Harry who died while in college, Jesse who died unmarried. Of these, Bartow married Ann Chapman and had Ruby, Faye, Clara, Ethel and Ted. Scott, no further information. Clara married Will Foster and had John, Jim, Gertrude, Mary. Cora married Mr. Sowden and had Bessie, Grace, Nellie and Harry. Samuel Ashmeade Wood Carver m. Stella Winans and had Chesney, Kauffman, Doris, and Marjorie. Thomas Nixon married Flora Frazee Kirkendall and had Helen, Emmett and Margaret. Charles married Effie __, but had no children.

The following records follow Henry Carver's migration.

From the Records of Onslow County, N.C.

July 21, 1789. John Hewit to Henry Carver for 25 pounds 200 acres which was deeded from William Morgan to Maryann Newbold, Sept. 2, 1777, and by her deeded to John Hewit. Signed John Hewit, Alce Hewit. Tests: George Mitchell, Jesse Sanders.

July 1785, Barshaba relict of Anthony Mitchell granted admst. of estate. Col. Mitchell is security. Jan. 1792, Court binds unto John H. Carver, taylor to trade, two children George & Seloma Mitchel, son & dau of Anthony Mitchell dec'd. Boy supposed to be 16 years of age; the girl supposed to be 14.

Feb 25, 1797. Borden Stanton to Benjamin Stanton for 1000 pounds two tracts of land. Witness: Henry Carver, Thomas Murphy (this deed confirms the fact that Henry Carver knew these prominent Quakers, whose membership went enmass from Trent in North Carolina about 1800, leaving certificates at Redstone MM, Washington County, PA, and settling in Ohio on tracts available from the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, which opened up that area free of slavery. This information was taken from "Ohio Valley Genealogies," by Charles A. Hanna, New York, 1900.)

Misc. Sources

I have copies of these items:

Westland MM minutes, Washington Co., PA: 1801,3,28 Henry Carver received from Trent MM (North Carolina) dated 1800,1,12, endorsed by Redstone MM, 1801,1,6.

Tract Book and Entries - Congress Lands - 22 Ranges & u.s. Military Lands: Henry Carver - Range 5, Township 9, Section 27, Part of Section: SE Quarter, 160 acres, Date of Entry: March 13, 1805, Residence at time of sale: Jefferson County. Located now in Belmont County, Flushing Township, Ohio River Survey.

Records of Belmont County, Ohio

Vol D.126. 21 May 1811, Henry Carver and Talitha, his wife of Union Township, Belmont County, Ohio, and John Cropley of same place for $140 70 acres SE quarter Sec 27 Twp 9 Range 5 of Steubenville district land patented to said Henry Carver by President James Madison in City of Washington 23 June 1810 by act of congress. signed: Henry Carver and Talitha X Carver.

Vol E/197 22 Dec 1815. Henry Carver of Harrison County, Ohio & Talitha, his wife, to William Kirk, of Belmont County, Ohio, for $735 98 acres of SE quarter Sec 27 Twp 9 Range 5 land from Steubenville district patented to said Henry Carver by President James Madison & act of Congress, dated 23 June 1810. Signed: Henry Carver, Talitha Carver. Recorded 31 May 1815.


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