Richard Buffington b. ca. 1654 England m. Ann
William Buffington, b. ca. 1687, Chester, PA m. unknown
John Buffington b. ca. 1712 m. Sarah Young
Phebe Buffington, b. ca. 1768 m. James Sheward

From the HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY, PA, by Futhey and Cope, 1881, the following was learned regarding Richard Buffington, the immigrant. "Richd. Bobbington was among the list of tydables at Upland in 1677. In 1679, Richard Buffington and John Grubb purchased a tract of land west of Chester Creek, above Chester, which they called "Hopewell of Kent."

"Richard Buffington had a wife, Ann, living in 1695; a wife, Frances (widow of John Grubb), living in 1712; and his widow, Alice (Palmer), survived him. He purchased land in East Bradford (in conjunction with William Vestall) in 1696, and removed to that neighborhood within a few years after. Feb. 25, 1720-1, he conveyed his lands to two of his sons, Thomas and William, reserving a life interest therein, and this was probably on the eve of his last marriage. He appears to have settled at a later period on 200 acres immediately in the forks of Brandywine, but never owned the land, which, however, his son Joseph afterwards purchased from the heirs of Isaac Norris, of Philadelphia. Richard died in January or February, 1747-8, probably about ninety-four years of age. View his will here.

The Pennsylvania Gazette for June 28 to July 5, 1739, contains the following:
'Philadelphia.--On the 30th of May past the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Richard Buffinton, Senior, to the number of one hundred and fifteen, met together at his house in Chester County, as also his nine sons-and daughers-in-law, and twelve great-grandchildren-in-law. The old man is from Great Marle, upon the Thames, in Buckinghamshire, in Old England, aged about 85, and is still hearty, active and of perfect memory. His eldest son, now in the sixtieth year of his age, was the first-born of English descent in this province."

The children of Richard Buffington, the immigrant were:

Ann Buffington m. Benjamin Hickman at Concord MM on 4/9/1701. They settled on his farm in Westown and had Mary, Elizabeth, John Francis, Benjamin, Ann and Hannah.

Ruth Buffington m. Ezekiel Harlan at Concord MM 3/13/1706. They had children: Ezekiel, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, Ruth and Benjamin. Ezekiel Harlan Jr. was married at Concord MM 10/23/1724 to Hannah Oborn

Richard Buffington Jr. d. 1741, m. Phebe Grubb, d/o John and Frances Grubb, and settled in West Bradford. Phebe was a minister among Friends, and after his death, she married Simon Hadly by 1761, and lived in the edge of New Castle County. She died 3, 4, 1769, and was buried at Bradford Meeting on the 6th. The children of Richard and Phebe were John (m. Elizabeth Way 1738 at Kennett MM, and 2nd Jane Thatcher), Frances (m. to Samuel Osbourne), Phebe (m. 1740 John Wall), Richard b. 1715-6 m. Mary Bates and Ann (Pyle) Woodward, Samuel (d. unmarried), Henry (possibly m. Cahterine), Catharine, Peter (m. Hannah Waite, 1750), Nathaniel, Jeremiah, Isaac and Joseph Buffington (m. Content Babb and Mary Few). Of these, Richard Buffington (3) had Curtis, Mary and Phebe, by his first wife and Richard, Jesse, Ann and Esther by his second. John Buffington, son of Richard and Phebe died 1774. His sons were Robert, Richard, Jacob and Joshua. Peter and Joseph Buffington, sons of Richard and Phebe, left for North Carolina in the 1760s. There is no evidence that Nathaniel, Jeremiah or Isaac married.

Thomas Buffington, d. December, 1739, m. Ruth Cope and Ann Matthews. He aquired his first land in 1702. In Concord MM is the record of Ann Buffington, a widow, received into membership, 8/4/1742. On 9/10/1742 Ann married at Concord MM, Moses Gilpin s/o Joseph & Hannah of Chester County. Thomas Buffington's son, William, by his wife, Ruth, was a school boy in 1739 at his father's death. In Hampshire County, West Virginia there exists the will of William Buffington s/o Thomas dated 8-10-1781, wife Mary, and children: Thomas (m. Ann Cline), William (1765-1824), Joel (m. Elizabeth Logan), David (m. Margaret), Jonathan, Richard, Ruth (m. Thomas Collins), Susanna (m. William Sullivan) and Mary Black. Inventory was taken 7-11-1784. I have a note that his wife was Magdalena Ferree. Mr. Gentzler has a genealogy web page that outlines the descendants of William Buffington, s/o Thomas. Ruth Buffington, d/o Thomas of Chester County married 4/16/1736, John Feree of Lancaster County, Pa. at Kennett MM. The Ferree family is then granted a certificate to New Garden MM. In Goshen MM is the mention of the family of Evan Jones. Evan Jones went to Bradford MM. to marry Susanna Buffington, d/o Thomas & Ruth in 1744. Evan Jones was the son of Cadwalader & Elenor Jones. Their children were Agnes, Rebecca, Ruth, Mary, Hannah and Aquilla. Thomas Buffington, Jr. was born about 1704, his first wife is unknown. In 1740, Thomas Buffington Jr. married for his second wife, Mary Harlan, his cousin, the d/o Ezekiel Harlan, Jr. and Hannah Oborn. On 4/27/1754 Mary Buffington (formerly Harlan) was disowned for marrying out of unity at Concord MM. The children of Thomas Buffington Jr. and Mary were Ezekiel, Oborn, Thomas III, and Jonathan. Thomas Buffington Jr. died in April 1768 on Turkey Creek, Edgefield County, South Carolina. Mary Harlan Buffington married James Greer prior to the final estate settlement in 1770. Thomas Buffington had a son, Richard Buffington, who began paying taxes in 1734 in East Caln Township, and married Ann Morgan. Other children include: Rebecca Buffington, married Samuel James, Betty Buffington, Rachel Buffington and Ann Buffington, who married Samuel James.

William Buffington was born about 1687. His father conveyed to him 185 acres of land in Est Bradford, February 25th 1720/1, which he in turn conveyed to Robert Jefferis, August 4, 1721. In a legal document drawn up by the father dated 1721, the water rights on a stream separating the properties of Thomas Buffington and his brother, William, was necessary "as their families were quarreling over use of water from this stream." This was the land that Richard Buffington Senior had given them. He appears to have ownd land subsequently in West Bradford. In 1734 300 acres of land was obtained by William Buffinton and was still being taxed as the land of William Buffington in 1785. William Buffington survived his father, being given a bequest of his father's wearing apparel in 1747-8. William Buffington was a tailor. It is thought that the following third generation Buffingtons were children of William and wife, possibly Alice Rupp: William II, Benjamin, James, Jonathan and John, a tailor in Washington County, PA. Of these James removed to Louisa County, Virginia, John went to Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1784 and Benjamin left for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1771. (from the BUFFINGTON PEDIGREE, by Ralph M. Buffington of Houston, TX)

John Buffington, m. Sarah Eavenson, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth Woodward Eavenson, of Thornbury. John Buffington died in 1736, leaving four children, John, Thomas, Mary and Sarah. His widow married Anthony Arnold on 9, 30, 1737 at Bradford MM, later Sarah & children were granted certificate to Concord MM. Also mentioned in the Concord minutes was Thomas Buffington, who was granted a certificate to Newark MM to marry Sarah Heald on 8/3/1747; John Buffington who was granted a certificate to Bradford MM 1742; Mary Buffington, who married contrary to discipline a Mr. Morgan, 4/1/1741; and Sarah Buffington, who was disowned on 9/2/1754. These may have been the children of John Buffington and Sarah Eavenson. Anthony Arnold died in Sept, 1746, in East Bradford, leaving one child, Hannah, who became the wife of Col. Isaac Taylor. John Buffington Jr. may have had the following children: Richard, Robert, Joshua, Jacob and Caleb Buffington.

Hannah Buffington, m. Jeremiah Dean 5/2/1720 at Kennett MM. On 2/5/1718 Hannah was received by certificate from Philadelphia MM. They had four children, James, Nehemiah, John and Mary.

Mary Buffington was married first to William Baldwin, who died in 1722. She later married Charles Turner, of Birmingham.

Elizabeth Buffington, d. 1748-9, m. Peter Collins and in 1734/5, she married again to John Freeman

Lydia Buffington m. George Martin. They had children: Joseph, John, James, Rachel, Lydia, Mary Elizabeth and Ann. Her husband married a second wife, Mary Nichols in 1757.

Abigail Buffington, b. September, 1721, d. April, 1813 m. Edward Seed, of East Bradford on 1/1/1741. He died in 1754, leaving six children: Abigail, Adam, Richard, George, James and Mary. Abigail married a second time to David Fling, a weaver, and by him had these children, Alice, John, Phebe, Hannah and David.

Joseph Buffington, d. Nov. 17, 1785, unmarried, in his will he left legacies to his brothers and sisters.

Alice Buffington, d. July 19, 1775, married at the Old Swedes' Church Wilmington, January 3, 1745 to Robert McArthur, who left one son, John. Alice married again, about 1749 to James Hance. By him she had children, Joseph, mary, Hannah, Ann, James, Richard and Ruth. Her husband Hance died 30 October 1785, aged 63 years

Charlotte's Family Trees has information on the ancestry of Richard Buffington Sr. and the Buffington-Harlan conncection through Richard's daughter, Ruth.

3rd Generation
John Buffington left Chester County, Pa, about the year 1773-1784. He settled in Pike Run Township, Washington County, PA in 1784. John Buffington is thought to be the son of William Buffington. His wife is given as Sarah Young, supposed to be from a prominent Quaker family. I have no information on Sarah Young, or if Young was her name. A descendant of Sethica Buffington states that family tradition is that Sarah Young was born 1735 in Chester County, PA and died in Pike Run Township in her 90th year, 1825. Lynn Brosy submitted a copy of a page from "The Examiner, Washington County, Pa, dated Saturday, December 24, 1825. It states: "Obituary: Died, on sunday morning last at an early hour, Mrs. Sarah Buffinton of Pike Run Township, in the 90th year of her age." A Samuel Young warranted a large tract of land in Pike Run Township situated only a mile or two from John and Sarah's home. This Mr. Young conveyed his interest in this tract to a Robert Jackman in 1776. In 1796, John Buffington sold land to James Millison, Jr. also from Chester County, PA, and died in 1804 leaving a will. You may view the will of John Buffington here. His children were Joseph (m. Mahala Peters); Mary (m. Grimes); Phebe (m. James Sheward); Asa reportedly settled in Ohio, not in his father's will; Alice (m. Turner); Sethecia b. 4/4/1777, m. Sarah Millison;

Family documents cause us to wonder whether the assumption that John Buffington was, as Ralph Buffington speculated, a son of William Buffington, s/o Richard. Click here to view the Administrator Bond recorded in Vol. 1, p. 429 of Washington County, PA. This indicates some additional relatives of Seth Buffington, s/o John and Sarah Young Buffington. Additionally, Harry M. Shaposka sent me a family history sketch written by Andrew J. Buffington, grandson of Seth.

These are the children of John Buffington 1732-1804

Joseph Buffington was born about 1763 and married Mahala Peters. In 1790 he is listed in Pike Run Twp, Washington County, PA with his father. The 1800 census finds that he his gone fro that area and may have gone into Virginia. Joseph Buffington predeceased his father and his widow married David Butler and came to Dearborn County,Indiana in the late 1790s or 1800s. In a history by Adam Flake, "in 1798 Ebeneezer Foote (step father of Mahala Butler and the Peterses), David Butler and stepsons John, Jonathan, and Jehiel Buffington" came to the area. Of these, John Buffington 1784-1852 married Nancy Cheek; Jonathan Buffington born about 1790, married Jane Moore, and Jehiel Buffington born about 1792, married Elizabeth.

Mary Buffington was born about 1765 and married a Mr. Grimes. She had at least two sons: Isaac Grimes b. 1797 who married Sarah and had three children, William, Mary and Joshua. Robert Grimes b. 1800 and married Jane and had a daughter Susanna.

Phebe Buffington married James Sheward and settled in Ohio, where James Sheward died. Their daughter Sarah married Daniel Weese, and is my ancestor.

Of Asa Buffington, born about 1770, there is no further information.

Alice Buffington was born about 1773 amd married a Mr. Turnon or Turner. She had at least one son, Joseph, born 1817, who married Eleanor and had children, William, 1842, Amanda, 1844, and James, 1846.

Sethecia Buffington, called Seth was born 4 April 1777. He spent most of his life in Washington County, PA and went to Iowa due to financial difficulties. He died at Pilot Grove, Lee County, Iowa in 1851. He married Sarah Millison, daughter of James Millison Jr. and Abigail Hayes. There children were Orpha Buffington who was born about 1798 and married Robert Lilly; John Buffington, born about 1800 and married Pauline Reynolds; Polly Buffington born about 1802 and married John Ashmead; James Buffington, b. about 1804 and married Rachael Jones (his widow Rachel appears in ght 1850 census for Henry County, Iowa with three children: Caroline 18, John 16, Sarah 11); Seth Buffington was born about 1805 and may have gone to Dearborn County, Ind, when in 1850 he lived with wife Hester Ann (possibly Hester Ann Hallowell m. 14 Nov 1847 Dearborn County) and daughter Martha in Harrison Twp; Joseph Buffington, born 2 Mar 1806 married Mary Thompson, daughter of John, with children John Davis, Andrew Jackson, Ruth, Mary Eliza, Sarah Frances and Emma Cecelia; Jesse Buffington b. 7 Apr 1811 md. 1834 Mary Evans, and 2nd Miss Jones; William Bartley Buffington, b 1813 married Elizabeth Goodrich and lived in Henry County, Iowa; Robert Buffington, b. 1815; Sarah Buffington, b. about 1818 married Joseph Wright; Abbie Buffington, b. abt 1821 married John Deems and lived in Missouri in 1890.


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