Mary Boyce m. Zenas Bartow 1814

From the "Historical Collections of Harrison County, Ohio," by Hanna, the following marriages are listed:

Zenas Bartow and Mary Boyce, June 7, 1814, by Thomas Dickerson, J.P.
Abraham Boyce and Elizabeth Cram, April 20, 1816, by Thomas Dickerson, J.P.
William Boyce and Sarah Reynolds, January 7, 1825, by Michael Conaway, J.P.
John Dancer and Margaret Boyce, July 10, 1823, by John Hurless, J.P.

William Boyce was the county recorder from 1844 to 1850

I have yet to discover the parents or siblings of Mary Boyce Bartow.

From the autobiography of Thomas Nixon Carver, Recollections of an Unplanned Life, we get a sense of Mary Boyce Bartow. She lived her last years with her daughter, Margaret Carver, and her son, Elijah Bartow. Thomas Nixon Carver, her grandson, writes:

"Among my early recollections was seeing my grandmother Bartow carding wool by hand. She was then living with us and trying to make herself useful. She had been, in her younger days, like most farm women of her time, skillful in all the primitive household arts. She loved to card, spin, knit and weave. I watched her card the wool, spin it into yarn, dye it red, and knit it into my first pair of red mittens, held together by a red cord to go over my shoulders to keep me from losing them. Thus I can, in a sense, be said to bridge the gap between the primitive household economy of the pre-capitalistic world and the modern world where little productive work except cooking is left to be done in the home."

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