Capt. Richard Betts b. 1613 m. Joanna Chamberlain
Thomas Betts s/o Richard m. Mercy Whitehead
Elizabeth Betts d/o Richard m. Capt. Joseph Sackett

Richard Betts, Ipswich 1648, said to have come from Hemel Hempstead, Co. Herts, removed to Newton, L.I. 1656, there was in high esteem many years and died 18 Nov. 1713, at the age of 100, to render wh. great number of years, doubtful the stupidity of tradition adds, that he dug his own grave. By wife, Joanna, Riker says, he had Richard; Thomas; Joanna, who married John Scudder; Mary, who married Joseph Swazey; Martha, who married Philip Ketchum; Elizabeth who was first wife of Joseph Sackett; and Sarah, who married Edward Hunt. Richard Betts, Newtown, L.I. son of the preceeding died 4 Nov 1711, leaving Richard, Robert, Thomas, Sarah, Elizabeth Joanna, Abigail, and Mary, beside widow Sarah, who may have been mother of all these children. (Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, p. 172)

A paragraph from "The Scaketts of America," pg. 20, has the following:
Capt. Richard Betts, the father of Elisabeth, the first wife of Capt. Joseph Sackett, was born in Hertferdshire, England, in the year 1613. He came to New England about the year 1635, and in 1636 settled in Newtown, Mass., from which place, prior to 1642, he removed to Ipswich, where he remained until about 1654, when he removed to and became a permanent resident of Newtown, Long Island, N.Y. There he soon acquired prominence and influence, and for upwards of half a century participated largely in public affairs. In the revolution of 1663 he bore a zealous part, and after the conquest of New Netherlands by the English was a member from Newtown of the Provisional Assembly held at Hempstead in 1665. He was "High Sheriff of Yorkshire, upon Long Island" from 1678 to 1681. For a long series of years he was a magistrate, and several times a member of the "high Court of Assise," then the supreme power of the Colony. His name is honorably mentioned in upwards of thirty distinct paragraphs on the pages of "Riker's Annals of Newtown," the last of which reads as follows: "The last survivor of the original purchasors, Capt. Richard Betts, died on November 18, of this year" (1713) "at the patriarchal age of a hundred years. None in the township has been so eminent as he for commanding influence and valuable public service. His remains were interred on his own estate at the English Kills, on the 20th, with a funeral service by Mr. Poyer, rector of Jamaica Parish." (View the will of Richard Betts Sr.)

The Children of Richard Betts

Richard Betts who left a widow Sarah and children: Richard, Robert, Thomas, Sarah, Elizabeth, Joanna, Abigail and Mary.

Thomas Betts m. Mercy Whitehead, daughter of Daniel Whitehead

Joanna Betts m. 1669, John Scudder, born 1645, died 1732

Mary Betts m. Joseph Swazey

Martha Betts m. Phillip Ketchum. (Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744) Page 213--In the name of God, Amen. I, Philip Ketcham, of Newtown, in Queens County, "being at present in pretty good health." "I order that all such debts as I own in Law or Conscience to be paid." All the rest of my estate, real and personal, I leave to my beloved grand-son, Phillip Edsall, and to my beloved grand-daughter, Mary Ketcham. I make my trusty friends, Captain Samuel Fish and Peter Berrian, esecutors. Dated January 31, 173 2/3. Witnesses, Thomas Hazzard, Thomas Hazzard, Jr., Daniel Hazzard. Proved, April 21, 1734.

Elizabeth m. Joseph Sackett

Sarah Betts m. Edward Hunt


Thomas Betts, son of Richard Betts and Joanna Chamberlain married Mercy Whitehead had the following children: Thomas, b. 8/14/1689 d. 1747 married Susannah Stevenson; Richard; Daniel; Mercy married Thomas Hazard; Abigail married Araham Sprinstein; Joanna; Mary; Elizabeth married Robert Comfort, 1722; and Deborah married Gershom Moore. Mercy Whitehead Betts later married Joseph Sackett as his third wife.

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