Anthony Beers m. Elizabeth
Ephraim Beers m. Mary Gardner
Ephraim Beers m. Susanna Meeker
Daniel Beers m. Abigail Dikeman
Silas Beers m. Deborah Osborn
Nancy Beers b. 1815 m. James W. Sacket

From Gary Thomas of Washington DC, I learned that Nancy was the daughter of Silas Beers and Debby Ann Osborn, taken from the Beers genealogy published in the 1970s by Mary Louise Regan. Nancy's death certificate confirms this. Baptismal entry in the records of the Church of Christ, Salem, Westchester Co., NY, published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Records 1901: "Debby and Hannah, twin daughters of John Osborn, July 19, 1778." The wife of John Osborn was Eunice Nichols. In the same records, is the death entry of Silas' father, Daniel Beers.

From, I located the web site of Joe Travis, called Joe's Genes. He has anonther site at The Other Joe's Genes. His work is from The Beers Genealogy, Volume Three, The Descendants of Anthony Beers of Fairfield, Connecticut, through his son Ephraim by Mary Louise Regan, Publishe by, Regan Genealogical Publishing Co., Palatine, Ill., 1978.

Anthony Beers, b. abt 1620 in Kent, England, married Elizabeth and had the following children: Elizabeth Beers, Bethia Beers, Mary Beers, Samuel Beers, Ephriam Beers (more later), John Beers, Esther Beers, Samuel Beers, Barnabus Beers and Elizabeth Beers

Ephraim Beers, son of Anthony, was born 5 July 1648 in Watertown, Mass, and Mary Gardner 9 Sep 1680 in Hatfield, Hampshire Co, Mass. Their children were, Elizabeth, Samuel, Esther, Ephraim, Mary, John, Elnathan and Anthony.

Ephraim Beers, the second of that name, was born before 1692 and married Susanna Meeker. This Ephraim Beers Jr. resided at Westport, then part of Fairfield, CT. His children were Deborah, David, Elizabeth, Abigail, Eunice, Sarah, Ephraim, Nathan, Daniel and Nehemiah Beers.

Daniel Beers, 1726 d. 4/1/1801, m. 9/3/1760 (Weston, Fairfield Co., CT) Abigail Dikeman. He moved from Fairfield, CT to Westchester NY. Their children are listed as:

Huldah Beers, b. 11 Nov. 1761, Westport, Fairfield Co., CT; d. Westchester, NY

Rebecca Beers, b. 17 Oct. 1761, Fairfield Co., CT; d. Fairfield, CT
Ann Beers, b. 8 Apr. 1764, Westport, Fairfield Co., CT; d. Dec. 1844, Westchester, NY

Daniel Beers, b. 15 Feb. 1766, Westport, Fairfield Co., CT; d. 1826 N. Salem, Westchester Co., NY; m. 1798 Westchester Co., NY Elizabeth Raymond Dikeman

Edmond Beers, b. 9 Apr 1768, Ridgefield, Fairfield Co., CT; d. 8 May 1843, Fairfield Co., CT; m. 8 Feb 1786, Fairfield Co., CT Jemima Abbott (notes on the Abbott family verify this information and Edmond's parents. They have one son, Jonathan Beers, b. 5/22/1789 who married Anna Waterbury on 4/10/1810.)

Abigail Beers, b. 8 Apr. 1770, Westport, Fairfield Co., CT; d. Fairfield Co., CT 1788

Elias Beers, b. 26 June 1774, Westport, Fairfield Co., CT; d. Fairfield, CT

Silas Beers, b. (6/15)1777, Westport, Fairfield Co., CT; d. 1820 Sullivan Co., NY; m. Debby Ann Osborn

Cornelius Dikeman Beers, b. 22 Aug 1779, Westport, Fairfield Co., CT

Mary Beers, b. 27 May 1781, Westport, Fairfield Co., CT; d. 1831 Poundridge, Westchester, NY

Silas Beers, son of the above Daniel Beers and Abigail Dikeman, married, probably in Westchester County, New York, Debby Ann Osborn. Their family is listed as follows:

Henry Harry Beers, b. 1801, Seneca Co., NY, d. 11 Nov 1862, Claryville, Sullivan Co., NY; m. Delaware Co., NY, Sylvia Barlow.

Laura Beers, b. 1803 Seneca Co., NY; d. Sullivan Co., NY m. David Burton

Anne Beers, b. 1805 Seneca Co., NY; d. Sullivan Co., NY, unm.

Esther Beers, b. 1807 Salem, Westchester Co, NY; d. Sullivan Co., NY, m. Philander Hornbeck

Mary Polly Beers, b. 1808 Salem, Westchester Co., NY; d. Westchester Co., NY

Neil Beers, b. 23 Mar. 1809 Neversink, Sullivan Co., NY; d. 28 Dec 1879 Walton, Delaware, NY; m. (1)Clarissa Case, (2) Jerusha Reynolds, (3)Huldah (Hawley) Parks Gee, and (4) Caroline Moorehouse Beers.

Bailey Beers, b. 1809 Salem, Westchester Co., NY; d. 1870 Sullivan Co., NY; m. 1830 New York City, Kings Co., NY Mary Ann Quimby
Silas Beers, b. 1811, New York City, Kings Co., NY; d. Prattsville, Greene Co., NY; m. 1834 Greene Co., NY Margaret ____

Abram Beers, b. 1812, Sullivan County, NY; d. 17 Jan. 1897 Thompsonville, Sullivan Co., NY

Nancy Beers, b. 1815 Neversink, Sullivan Co., NY; d. Neversink, Sullivan Co., NY 24 Dec 1890

Caroline Beers, b. 1818 Sullivan Co., NY; d. 13 Dec 1883, Sullivan Co., NY, m. George W. Barnum

1800 Census - Westchester County, NY:

Bears, Daniel 11010-2001000
Bears, Daniel 00101-0010100
Bears, Edmond 22010-1201000
Bears, Silas 10010-1001000
Bears, William 00010-0010100

1810 Census - Sullivan County, NY:

Beers, Silas 31010-21010

Town of Neversink, Sullivan County, NY, 1820: Deborah Beers 11010021010.

1860 Census - Sullivan County, NY (Town of Neversink)

Beers, Abram
Beers, Baily
Beers, James
Beers, Sylva

1880 Neversink, Sullivan County (one household, #35, ED#107)

Beers, Abraham w/m 35 (single) shoemaker NY-CT-CT
Sackett, Nancy w/f 64 (married/widow) NY-CT-CT
Frew, Jane w/f 45 (single/married/widow) NY-NY-NY
Stanton, John w/m 11 (single) NY-NY-NY

This ties together Abraham Beers, his sister, Nancy Sackett, her daughter, Jane Frew, and John Stanton, son of deceased daughter, Frances Sacket Stanton. The census taker checked several boxes in regard to marital status on the females

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