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Elijah Bartow d. 1844 m. Elizabeth Carpenter
Zenas Bartow m. 7 June 1814 Mary Boyce
Margaret Jane Bartow m. John Henry Carver

From the notes and sources that shall follow, I have concluded that the earliest Bartow ancestor known to me was Elijah Bartow, born between 1750 and 1760, and who served during the Revolution in the Westchester County, N.Y. militia. He reportedly married first, Elizabeth Carpenter, but that surmise needs more data. He married a second wife, not the mother of his children, the widow, Sarah Houser. He bought 30 acres of land in Cadiz Township, Harrison County, Ohio on Nov. 11, 1815 from James and Anne Masten for $33.33 (I have a copy of that deed). Elijah Bartow and his family lived for a time in Washington County, NY, before settling in Harrison County, Ohio, as early as 1809 in Connotton Twp.

Elijah Bartow in his will written Mar. 16, 1837, names his children in the order of their births, namely: (these names spelled by the County Recorder) Febee Woods, Enos Bartow, Eli Bartow, George Bartow, Charetee Edger, Francis Bartow, Samuel Bartow and Cyrus Bartow, and also to his step-son, William Houser, and Sarah, his wife. At the time of the writing of his will, Elijah Bartow lists none as deceased. Elijah Bartow's will was proven in the May term 1844 of the Court of Common Pleas. George Bartow married Matilda Pickin 3/30/1820 and Francis Bartow married Mary Lisle 8/31/1837. Charity Bartow was born in Washington County, NY 7/24/1798, and married James Edgar. She had children given in the notes to follow.

Zenas Bartow, son of Elijah Bartow, was married by liscense in Harrison County, Ohio, on Jun. 7, 1814 to Mary Boyce by Thomas Dickenson, J.P. Hanna tells us he came from Washinton County, NY in 1819 to North Township. He bought a town lot in Hanover, Harrison County, Ohio, from Thomas and Elizabeth Fisher for $16.50 in 1816 and in 1822 bought a second lot from Samuel and Catharine Walsh for $40. He sells these lots in 1828. I have several deeds where Zenas buys and sells with wife, Mary, however none have genealogical value. Zenas Bartow and family appear on the 1830 and 1840 federal census index in North Township.

In The Autobiography of Thomas Nixon Carver, his grandson relates that Zenas died and his son Elijah, moved the family to Jasper County, Iowa. This was by 1850 when Elijah is chosen Court Clerk there, but probably happened around 1845. Zenas and Mary Bartow had the following listed in the 1830 census, North Twp., Harrison Co., OH: Males - 1 under 5, 1 age 5-10, 1 age 40-50; Females - 1 under 5, 1 age 5-10, 2 age 10-15, and 1 age 30-40. In 1840, there is another female child under the age of 5, making possible seven children by 1840. His children known to me were Elijah H. Bartow, Elizabeth Bartow, who married Jeremiah Shaffer in 1840 and in 1845 moved to Jasper County, Iowa, and Margaret Jane Bartow who married John Carver in Iowa after 1850. Mary Boyce Bartow, widow of Zenus, lived her life in Iowa, alternating between the home of her son Elijah and daughter Margaret. To learn more about Margaret Bartow Carver, see the Carver page.


From the Historical Collections of Harrison County, by Hanna, is the will abstract of Elijah Bartow, date of will, March 16, 1837; date of probate, May 1844; wife, Sarah; children Enos, George, Francis, Syrus, Eli, Samuel, Tebee Woods, Charetee Edgar; stepson, William Houser; execs., names not given; wits., Robert Simpson, John McCarroll. I have a copy of the will as recorded in Harrison County, you can view that here.

On page 123, Hanna makes note of the arrival of Zenas Bartow, who came from Washington County, NY and settled in North Township, Harrison County, Ohio, in 1819.

From the New York State Archives, Albany NY, Revolutionary War Papers, The Militia, Westchester County Militia; Third Regiment (Manor of Cortlandt) "Please to Pay the Bearer hereof, John Hyatt, all my Pay for my service in the Militia in Capt. Samuel Haight, Company in Col. Samuel Drake Reg't and this shall be your recipt for the same. Witness my hand this 24th day of July 178?6. To Garand Banker, Treasurer. Elijah Bartow, Wit: James Deen and Lydia Miers.

Also from the biographies listed in the Historical Collections of Harrison County, by Hanna: James Edgar, of Scotch-Irish descent; removed from Washington County, PA, to Wellsburg, Va. and thence to Nottingham township, Harrison County, Ohio, where he died in 1845; had issue:
James, b. in Washington County, PA, Feb 22, 1794; d. March 16, 1882; m. Charity Bartow, b. in Washington County, NY, July 24, 1798; d. March 1882; daughter of Zenas Bartow and Elizabeth Carpenter Bartow (the former born about 1750, was an officer in the Revolutionary War, and settled about 1809 in Connotton, Harrison County, OH): had issue: 1st child died in infancy; Elizabeth; Adam; Cyrus, settled in Monroe county; Margaret; James, killed in the Civil War; Phoebe, m. Mr. Petty; Francis; Matilda, m. Mr. Kidwell; Elijah G.; Charity m. Mr. Hanlon; Samuel D. b. 8/30/1842 in Monroe County, Ohio, served in the Civil War and married Susan Poulson.

Of the children of Elijah Bartow, Zenas married Mary Boyce 6/7/1814; George married Matilda Pickin 3/20/1820; Francis married Mary Lisle 8/31/1837 - all listed in the records of Harrison County, Ohio .

The 1820 federal census of Harrison County, Ohio, lists Elijah Bartow (the elder) with the following family members: Males: 2 - age 10-18; 3 age 16-26; 1 over 45; Females: 1 age 16-26; 1 over 45. Eli Bartow had the following family members: Males 1 under 10; 1 26-45; Females: 4 under 10; 1 26-45.

In 1830, North Township, are Elijah, Cyrus W. and Zenas. Elijah (the elder) seems to have acquired a younger wife: Males 2 age 10-15; 1 age 15-20 1 age 60-70; Females: 1 under 5; 1 age 5-10; and 1 age 45-50. (Sarah Houser must have brought with her two daughters, as well.) Cyrus Bartow and Males: 2 under 5; and 1 age 20-30 and Females: 1 age 20-30. Zenas, I have already covered.

In 1840 Francis and Zenas Bartow appear, with next door neighbor Jeremiah Schaffer and young wife, Elizabeth, both age 20-30. Francis Bartow had Males: 1 age 30-40; Females: 1 age 30-40; 1 age 70-80. Zenas Bartow had Males 1 age 10-15; 1 age 15-20; 1 age 50-60 and Females: 1 under 5; 1 age 5-10; 1 age 10-15 and 1 age 40-50.

The 1850 federal census index does not list Zenas, Francis, Cyrus, Eli or Samuel Bartow in Harrison County. Their father died in 1844 and left his "plantation" to his wife, and then his stepson, William Houser.

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