Capt. Richard Alsop m. Hannah Underhill
Hannah Alsop, d/o Capt. Richard b. 1690 m. Judge Joseph Sackett
Elizabeth Alsop, d/o Capt. Richard, m. Phineas Mackintosh

Richard Alsop of Newton, L.I. 1686, by wife Hannah had Thomas, b. 7 Sept. 1687; Richard; John; Hannah; Deborah; Amy; and Elizabeth. He d. Oct 1718, aged 58; but his widow, who died 23 Aug. 1757, was 90. Richard Alsop is supposed to have been brought in youth by his uncle Thomas Wardell of Newtown, who had no children and gave him large estate. See Riker's Annuals of Newtown, 335. (Geneaolgical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England., pg. 45)

Hannah Alsop was born Jan. 11, 1690 and died June 17, 1773. She gave birth to 13 children between 1707 and 1731. Her sister, Elizabeth, married Phineas Mackintosh.

Will of Thomas Wandell

(New York) Abstracts of Wills Vol I 1665 - 1707.
THOMAS WANDELL, Maspeth Kills. "The last will and Testament of Thomas Wandell of Maspeth Kills in the bounds and limits of Newtown upon Long Island; being subject to sudden sickness and knowing the certainty of death." Leaves all estate, except the following legacies, to his wife Audry Wandell, and makes her his sole executrix. I leave to my cousin Richard Alsop, the piece of salt meadow that lieth within his fence, that incompasseth his dwelling house. Also 2 steers and a case of pistols already in his possession. To Richard Alsop's son Thomas 2 heifers. To my grand son Johanes Lowerison's son, 1 heifer. To Theophilus Phillips 1 heifer. To my sister in law Sarah, wife of Humphrey Clay, the value of oe10. "This I ye said Thomas Wandell do owne to be my full desire, by setting to my hand and seale this 29 November, 1688."
Witnesses, John Sharpe, Theophilus Phillips.
Page 102.--Codicil, confirms the above will, and expressing great love and affection for his wife Audry.
Dated January 12, 1688. Witnesses, John Lowerie, George Hexton. Proved at Court of Oyer and Terminer in Queens's Co., January 29, 1689. (Audry Wandell was eventually granted letters of administration on April 4, 1690)

The Will of Capt. Richard Alsop

(New York) Abstracts of Wills Vol II 1708-1728. Page 11.--RICHARD ALSOP, In the name of God, Amen. I, Richard Alsop, of Maspeth Kills, in Queens County, on Nassau Island, being sick and weak but of sound mind, I leave to my wife, Hannah Alsop, one half of my dwelling house and one third of my building lands and meadows, in Newtown, during her widowhood. But when my daughters, Amy, Elizabeth, and Susannah, shall change their conditions by marriage, then my wife shall have but one quarter. If my wife should die before my daughters marry, then they are to have the use of one half of my dwelling house, with firewood and provision. I leave to my son Thomas, one third of the 17th share of land in the town of Goshen, in Orange County. He having received his portion already by deed of gift, except the above. I leave to my two sons, Richard and John, all my lands and meadows in Newtown, equally. Also the other two thirds of the 17th share of land in the town of Goshen, with the mill and the mill lot which is a part of the said two thirds. If either of my said two sons die without issue, then my son Thomas is to have his share, taking it next to his own. And each of my sons is to pay oe50 to my daughters, Hannah Sackett, Deborah Sipkims, Amy, Elizabeth, Susannah. I leave to my two sons Richard and John, a certain piece of meadow lying on the south side of Nassau Island. I leave to my wife Hannah, one third of the movable estate, and a negro man, Jacob. I leave to my daughters, Hannah Sackett, Deborah Sipkims, Amy, Elizabeth and Susannah, the other two thirds of my movable estate, and to my daughters Amy, Elizabeth and Susannah oe25. I also leave to my daughters a certain share of land called the 11th share, in the town of Goshen. I leave to Rebecca Nicholl, who now liveth with me, a two year old heifer. I make my sons, Thomas, Richard, and John, executors.
Dated October 11, 1718, signed Richard Allsop. witnesses, Allen Baird, Magdalene Baird, Peter Vandervoort. Proved, November 8, 1718.

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