Surrogate's Office, Ulster County, NY

(File Box #35, Lazarus Stanton, Hannah Stanton) Administration Bond posted by Jonathan Stanton, Town of Deer Park, Orange Co., yeoman; Wheeler Stanton & Aaron Kenyan(?), Town of Mamakatting, Ulster Co., yeoman. 15 Nov. 1798. For administration of goods, chattels, etc. of Lazarus Stanton, late of Town of Mamakatting, Ulster Co., yeoman dec'd.

Inventory of estate of Lazarus Stanton, filed 15 Nov. 1798, taken 2(?)th April 1798.
one stand 20-8-0
one chist "-4-"
one Cow 5-10-"
one Youke of Oxen 26-"-"
one pork Barrel "-6-"
one Chist "-9-"
one Set plow From 1-4-"
one Cow bell "-8-0
one Note Against James Brundages 1-12-"
Warring Aperal 7-5-"
one bag net "-11-"
four Chears "-11-"
one set of Cooper tools 1-12-"
John Cox(?) and Thomas Norris, Appraisers

Statement that the personal estate of Lasaruz Stanton was insufficient to pay his debts. Therefore his real estate was to be sold at sheriff's sale to pay his debts. Dated 14 Nov. 1799.
The real estate consisting of land in Mamakating, beginning in the Northerly corner, bound by Tjerck Van Curen Westbrook & Daniel Helms, containing 20 acres; another piece 4 acres; also containig one mefsuage, a Dwelling house & farm. (Note from S. Mearns, Ulster County Genealogical Society,1986: I think it was ordered that the tract with mefsauge & dwelling house not be sold as it would be to the detriment of the heirs (not named) and there was enough realized from the sale of the other property to pay the debts.)

This letter from Thomas H. Wakeman, Napa, CA, dated 3 May 1986 states: "Thomas Oakley Hazen is my great-great-grandfather. According to the Hazen Genealogy (The Hazen Family in America, by Tracy Elliot Hazen, pub 1947, p. 421), Mary Stanton was born 24 July 1797 in Orange County, NY, died 20 Oct 1853 at Forestburg, Sullivan Co., NY, and she was the daughter of Lazarus Stanton of Mt. Hope, NY. Both Thomas O. and Mary are buried in the Old Pinchot Cemetery at Milford, Pa. In his later years, Thomas O. was a farmer at Milford & he died there 6 July 1885. He formerly farmed at Mt. Hope."

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