Diane Budnik Boardman contributed the following material.
Thanks to Diane, there is another part of the mystery solved.

James Albert Lester b. 1861 Moravia m. Alice Booth b. Moravia 1861. They had two children: Ralph Earl Lester and Hazel Juene Lester, b. Moravia 6/29/93 d. Long Island, NY 1962. She married Wolfgang Frederick Welsch and had six children. Margaret Ruth, b. Interlaken, NY 1912; Winifred Marion b. Interlaken, NY; James Lester Welsch; Robert William Welsch; John Frederick Welsch; Ronald Maybury Welsch.

Winifred M. Welsch m. 1st Charles Dimmock 1931 and had daughter, Virginia Juene, b. May 1, 1932, and married 2nd Edward Paul Budnik (b. 1913) and had daughters, Diane Patricia Budnik, b. 1942, and Donna Lynn Budnik, b. 1947. Diane Lynn Budnik married William Benjamin Boardman in 1967 and is the author of these notes.

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