The Last Will & Testament of Elijah Bartow

I Elijah Bartow of the of the county of Hareson and in the State of Ohio do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following that to say to wit

First I direct that my body be decently entered in any bereing ground of any reguleous denomenation and that my funeral be conducted in a manner coresponding with my estate and situation in Life

and Second I direct that all my funeral expences be fully paid out of my Estate.

third I direct that all my just debts and lawful claims be fully paid as soon after my decease as possable and as to such wordley Estate as it has pleased God to entrest me with I dispose of the same as follows that is to say I give devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Bartow in lieu of her dower during her natural life the plantation on which we now reside live situated and being in the County of Hareson and State of Ohio being known by fifty acres of Land Numbered of the South west Quarter of Section Seven Seven in Township Thirteen of range Six and fifty acres more or less of off the south side of said Quarter Section of land. To have and to hold the said land during her natural life for her suport and mentainance and all the goods chattles property horses neat Cattle Sheep hoges and household and kitchen furneture by me owned and kept at the time of my death and other items two teadious to mention that is not disposed in this will. She however first disposing of a sufficiency to pay my just debt as aforesaid and at my death and at the death of my wife Sarah's decd or soon after I leave and bequeath in Ohio current Bank paper the sum of Five dollars to my eldest daugter Febee Woods and also Five dollars to my Second child Enos Bartow And also five dollars to my third child Eli Bartow and also five dollars to my forth child George Bartow and also the sume of five dollars to my fifth child Charetee Edger And five dollars to my Sixth child Francis Bartow And also five dollars to my Seventh child Samuel Bartow And also five dollars to my eighth child Cyrus Bartow for themselves for their heirs and the aforesaid sumes being all I intend to leave give my children

And lastly after the death of myself and the death of my wife Sarah I give devise and bequesth to my stepson William Houser the farm on which we now live situated as aforesaid and being fifty acres as aforesaid Numbered the South wes Quarter of Section Seven in Township theirteen of range Six of the lands directed to be ----Steubenville Ohio and being fifty acres of land of off said Quarter Section unto him the said William Houser and to his heirs and assigns forever with all the privileges and appartenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining unto him the said William Houser and unto his heirs and assigns forever in condition thereof the said binds himself and agrees with said Elijah Bartow to stay and live with the said Elijah Bartow and Sarah his wife and to cultivate and work the farm and to maintain and suport me the said Elijah Bartow and Sarah his wife during our natural lives. And to have us decently entered after our death for and in consideration of the agreements hereby mentioned that is to say for the Lands as aforesaid mentioned and also in consideration of said agreement I will and bequeath after the death of myself and the death of my bloded wife Sarah Bartow to said William Houser my stepson all the chattle property that is to say horses neat cattle sheep hoges and poltry by me at my death owned and also all the house hold and kitchen furniture the articles thereof not necessary to mention unto him the said William Houser and unto his heirs and assignes for ever. In Testimony hereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this Sixteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven. ELIJAH BARTOW (seal) Signed Publishd and declared by the above named Elijah Bartow as and for his last will & testament in presence of us who at his request have signed the same as witness to the same. Robert P. Simpson, John McCarrol, sworn

The State of Ohio, Harrison County, Court of Common Pleas May Term AD 1844

In the matter of the Last Will & Testament of Elijah Bartow dec'd. The last will & Testament of Elijah Bartow late of Harrison County Ohio deceased being brot. into Court & it appearing to the Court by the Testimony of Robert P. Simpson & John McCarroll the subscribing witnesses to said will that the same was duly executed published & declared by the Testator in his life time & that the said Testator was at the time of executing the same of sound mind & memory & of full age & not under any restraint said will is moved and approved & it is ordered that the Clerk of this Court record said will together with the Testimony taken to proved the same & on motion the Court grant unto William Houser the Executor in said will named letters testamentary with a copy of said will annexed. Bond to be given in the sum of $200 Robert P. Simpson & Alpha Pickens approved as Securities & James English, John McDonough & Alexander Pickens were appointed appraisers of property.

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