The Fantasy Room
The content of this room will change ever so often.  It may contain poetry, artwork, or short stories.  I welcome any submissions to this page, for which you will receive credit.  Anything is welcomed... I have no boundaries here, as long as it does not encourage abuse, especially of children.  Just email me at the link provided !  Make sure what you submit is the way you want it to appear.  I add it as I get it.  Thank you!
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Hogmany, 2002
I have been waiting several months to present this artwork to you.  The extrememly talented pagan artist is Michael Baumeister.  Check back often - I will be posting many of his works.  You may contact Michael at or   While it is easy to save these works of art to your computer, please remember that we need to support our artists.  Either ask for permission or purchase them.  Thanks!
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