in the name of God
Throughout mankind's history, there has been persecution of one group of people by another.  In pre-ancient times, it was because one group had what another wanted.  In ancient times, religions were born and each nation-state and tribe had it's own set of beliefs. Now we had people killing each other because of that.  But, then a religion, which preached love and peace, began to take hold in the old world.   What a wonderful idea!  But, some were not happy that there were still people who wouldn't embrace the new religion.  The people who lived in the country still practiced the old religions, while the city-dwellers enjoyed the new.  "We must bring them to God" were the thoughts of the city-dwellers.  So began the campaigns against the old religions.  Then, the new religion began dividing and those sects began fighting with each other.  Believers fled the persecution, saying they would begin a new world where all would be free from such atrocities.  Once they were all settled in their new land, they began to forget why they were there.  Those accused of being different from others were ostrasized.  Then, the horrors of the Burning Times began.
On the "Links" page, you will find a "Burning Links" button.  It will take you to 3 links.  The first is a wonderfully touching and educational site about the Burning Times.  I could not begin to do as wonderful a job as has been done on this site.  Please take the time to visit this site... We all need to know and remember.  The other 2 links are for activism and assistance sites.  We have to become involved to stop the modern persecutions.  So stop thinking about it and stand up for your rights.  Or, if you need help fighting the injustices you face, these people can help!
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