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This site is a dedication to the best horror films which has been made. A good horror movie will shock, and not leave anyone unaffected. Itīs very hard to be frightened on film, and therefore hasnīt it been made so many great horror films. It seems to me that the genre never been so weak than that it is today, and Iīm of the opinion that it was strongest in the late seventies and in the eighties.

Most of the movies which Iīm include here gets the highest grade by the horror fans. But how fun is it to read reviews with solely five stars in rating? Iīll give you my opinion and Iīm very critical. The reviews will tumble in from time to time, so you are welcome to visit my site again. I have also horror polls, and for all you out there who knows your horror, will I especially recommend "The Devilīs League". A league which will choose which is the best horror film.

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Last updated 31/3 2002. A biography of Clive Barker.

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