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Hello and welcome. We are happy to have you join in and take a part in our Genealogy Search. It helps to keep things updated when someone comes along with new information or corrections. What is now listed on these pages is not a for sure known fact in many instances. Some of the people are so far names and dates that have been shared by others. I am sure I stand to be corrected as the trail broadens and more information comes to light.
(Thanks, for any new information and help.)

Over the years my SETZER, or paternal side of the family has done some research of his side of the family. A book has even been published by Mildred Arrowood of Burke County, NC, with some of the facts in it. We do know that some of my family are related back to the same SETZER family through three different sides of the family. Once through SETZER. Twice through the GREENE's and once through the CLAY's!

We have been able to learn only a little about the SWANSON/NEWMAN/HOLBERT family history. Just enough to make me more curious to find out more about our heritage through the SWANSON/NEWMAN line. Much is only hearsay and has yet to be proven. I am not an authority by any means on this subject and I stand to learn much as I procede.

There is so much yet to learn. If I don't list what little is known now, then I have no starting point to build on. Checking through the records I have come to realize that a lot is not available about many of our family surnames. You seldom see these surnames in the lists that are more freely listed online or in other genealogy groups, and I happily accept all the help and information that will lead to an accurate account of our Family Heritage. I am willing to share and work with others along the way.

He was born and lived in Caldwell County, North Carolina. She was born in Tryon,Polk County, North Carolina.

Other surnames associated with this family:


He was born in Burke County, Morganton, North Carolina. She was born in Catawba County, Hickory, North Carolina.

Other surnames of this family:

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