Welcome to The Spiral Oak! It is my hope that this site will inform both the new and experienced Pagan on Green Witchcraft and Natural Magic. Below you will find various pages on my form of the Craft - Green Witchcraft. You can also read about the general practices of Wicca.
If you have any questions you can email me or if you have comments you can leave me a note in the guestbook. Don't forget to bookmark this page, new information is added every day!

- What is Magic?
- Visualization and Meditation: The Basis of Magic
Whats a Book of Shadows?
- Candle Magic
- Cord Magic
- Poppet Magic
Herb Magic
- Magical Names
Color Correspondences
- Days of the Week Correspondences
Crystal and stone Correspondences
Herb Correspondences
- Herb Correspondences 2
- Tree Correspondences
The Moon Phases
- Full Moon Names
A Note on Spells
- A Guide to Writing Your Own Spells
- 'Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble' Spell
- Witch Bottles
- What Are Rituals
  and Why Do We do Them?
The Altar and Tools
- Consecration of Tools
- How to Charge and Bless an Herbal Charm
Making Charged Water
- Making Cleansed and Blessed Salt Water
Circle Castings
- Self Blessing Ritual
Sacred Space Meditation
- Clearing Your Mind
- Offerings
- Divination

- Tarot Cards
- Magical Alphabets
Initiation and Dedication
Chants and Songs
- Incense Recipes
- Herbs in Ritual
Some Rituals
- What are the Sabbats?
- Sabbats for the Green Witch
- Activities for the Sabbats
- Recipes for the Sabbats
- Yule
Yule Songs
- Beltane
- Summer Solstice
The Sabbats
- About Me
My Pagan Art
Book Reviews
Books on my Shelf
- Guide to Buying Pagan Books
- Books for Teens
Pagan Music
- Poetry
Pagan Humor
Decorating Your Ritual Room
Quiz -
Whats the Right Religion For You?
For Teens
- A General Guide-line for Teens
How to Tell Parents Your Wiccan
Wicca in School
- Wicca Books for Teens
Questions, Comments, Concerns? Leave a note in my guestbook! I cherish every one, so if you have some free time, don't forget to say hi!
Email me at thespiraloak@yahoo.com    IM me on AOL at thespiraloak

The Witches Of The Forest
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Green Witchcraft
- Introduction to Natural Witchcraft
- Living the Life of a Green Witch
Herbal Grimoire
- Herbs for the Sabbats
- Tree Correspondences
- Flower Correspondences
- Bird Correspondences
Herb Magic
- Simple Charms
Herbal Teas
- Bath and Beauty Recipes
- Herbal First Aid
Dangerous Herbs
- Making an Herb Garden
- Herb Collecting and Storage
- Herbal Preparations
- The Elements
- Pagan Folk Songs - outside link
- Books for the Green Witch
- Faerie Herbs
- Faerie Encyclopedia
- Attracting Faeries to your Home
and Garden
Last Updated
January 31st 2006
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- What is Wicca?
What is Green Witchcraft?
- "The Burning Times"
- The History of Wicca by Keshava
The History of Wicca by Oracle
Getting Started in Wicca
Wicca and Your Legal Rights
Wiccan Ethics
- The Pentagram
The Basic Principles
The Charge of the Goddess
The Charge of the God
The Wiccan Rede
The Witches Creed
The Witches Rune
13 Goals of a Witch
The Three-Fold Rule
Drawing Down the Moon
Common Terms and Definitions
Questions and Answers
Traditions in Wicca
The God and Goddess
- Important Dates in Wicca - outside link
Crafts - with pictures!
- Making a Wand
Making Incense
Making Oils
Altar Pentacle
Dream Pillows
Bath Salts
Making Candles
Woodburning your tools
- Decoupage Candle Holders
Hanging Pentacles
Painted Samhain Pumpkins
- Samhain Spell Punpkins
Spell Boxes
Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments
Painted Rocks
- Herbal Charms
- Potpourri Lamps
- Smudge Sticks
- Bird Treats
- Witch Bottles
- Yule Log
- Scrying Mirror
- Yule Tree
- Yule Wreath
- Pine and Cedar Candle Holders
- Braided Wishing Rug
- Homemade Ink and Quills
- Brigid's Bed
-Photo Album
- Guestbook
- Updates
- Link to Me
- Vote for this site
- Awards I've Won
- Win My Award - Not taking submissions at this time
- Witches Grove Webring
- Webrings
- Members of The Spiral Oak
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The Basics of Wicca
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Update...January 31st 2006
- Advanced Wicca
Morals and Ethics Re-defined
- Cause and Effect by Keshava
How I came to Wicca
- To The Beginner - Don't worry, Be Happy
- My Beliefs
The Spiral Oak
Wow! I haven't updated this site in over a year! I thought about it a lot but I didn't have internet for awhile, and now that I do I can finally update more often.

I was extremely busy last year. On June 18th 2005 I got married to a wonderful man named Gregg and on July 19th 2005 I gave birth to my son Andrew. Since then we have moved to our own apartment. Right now I stay home with my son and my husband works and goes to school. I hope to soon finish my schooling, but I don't know when that will happen.

Anyway, I hope to update the site more in the future. I will be adding pictures (of my son, my husband, etc) in the future as well.

Thats it for now, I'll be back in a few days or so and do some more updating.

My son with Santa - 12/3/05 - 5 months old
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