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Welcome to The Red Eared Slider site !!                                        The #1 turtle site on the net !!                                        Here you'll find information on Red Eared Slider!



    Filter is one the most important resource when growing a RES (Red Eared Slider). It important to have a filter because turtle is like another word for pig. they make a mess. so you'll need a good filter. If you don't have a filter I  recommend  that you get one or change your water every 5-7days.

    The most effective and expensive filter for turtles are Canister Filters. I recommend the Marineland Magnum 350 or Magnum 350 Deluxe. Another good canister filter is the Magnum H.O.T Compact Hang-On Tank (shown on the left). These filter range from $60 and up. They're expensive but it worth saving up your money.

Another good Canister filter brand is the Fluval and there are 4 type of Fluval. The Fluval 104,204,304,404.It very quiet or so I've heard. These range from $60 and up.

    The second strongest Filter for turtle are Power Filters. They are very loud, but very effective. They can be a problem with turtle because the water level HAS to be a certain height to work. That why I recommend the Aqua Clear Power Filter by Hegen  (shown on the right). These are good power filter for turtles is because they have an extension stem so you wont have to put the water level higher then you have to. No matter how good your filter is, you should always clean your tank ( every 2 weeks or so ).









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