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Welcome to The Red Eared Slider site !!                                        The #1 turtle site on the net !!                                        Here you'll find information on Red Eared Slider!



My turtle isn't eating, what wrong?: One reason your turtle isn't eating because you just purchased it and it needs to get use to its new habitat. Another reason is because your water temperature is to cold to stimulate hunger and to allow function for the digestive system.

How long can Red Eared Slider live?: With proper care res can live up to at least 30 year or more.

Male or Female res which one is it?: Well if it still in it's juvenile year you can't really tell, but if it about 3-4 year then you can tell if it's a male or female. Males foreclaws are longer then females, male tend to be smaller, and male has a longer tale then females.

How long should I clean my tank?: You should clean your tank every two week or so, that include if you have a good filter. If you don't have a filter or it not a strong one I suggest you clean it every week.

How high/low should my water level be?: It should be AT LEAST twice the size of it shell so it has room for swimming.

How often should I feed it?: For juvenile res you should feed it everyday. For adults res feed it ever 2 days or every other days.

What should I feed baby res?: Feed it commercial food, earthworm, beef heart, etc. Don't feed it veggie because they're carnivore when they grow older then will eat vegetable.


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