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Welcome to The Red Eared Slider site !!                                        The #1 turtle site on the net !!                                        Here you'll find information on Red Eared Slider!



Swollen Eyes:

Description: Close eye

Cause: By vitamin A deficiency and/or poor water quality.

Solution: Clean tank using 5% bleach solution if necessary and give your turtle vitamin A supplements.

Ear Infection:

Description: A bump on the side of the head usually larger then the opposite side.

Cause: Usually cause by bad water quality.

Solution: There are two options fix the problem by yourself or go to your local vet. If you want to fix it yourself go to this site to fix it yourself Bill's American Box Turtles I don't recommend this because u can injure the turtle, unless you are experienced at this.

Shell Infection:

Description: Well there are different types of shell infections. There are the shell rot and shell fungus.

Cause: Usually because of water quality and not getting enough lighting ( vitamin D )

Solution: Apply Betadine on the infected area o the shell for about 7 minutes. Then let the res dry for and hour or so. Remember do not let your turtle dry out.

Shell Infection 2:

Description: Patches of whites spots on the turtle shell. MAY BE DEADLY.

Cause: Not enough UVB lighting and.

Solution: Soak turtle in salty water. Level the water so it doesn't passes the turtle shell, continued this process for 1-2 weeks or until it gone.

Metabolic Bone Disease:

Description: Softening of the underside of the shell and the back edge of the shell.

Cause: Vitamin D3 deficiency

Solution: Give your res supplement that has calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D3 such as Osteoforme.

Respiratory Infection:

Description: The turtle symptom may include coughing, runny nose, swimming lopsidedly etc.

Cause: By water being to cold.

Solution: If you do not have a heater get one, also get a thermometer the water should be raised to 84-90. Lower the water level so the turtle will be able to stick his neck out to breath.


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