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June 18, 2004
Lucy has surgery.
Welcome to the Isle Of Lucy
Many Giant thanks and hugs go out to the people who have donated money in Lucy's memory for the Relay for Life.  Your support means more to us than you will ever know, we don't know how to thank you.  For more information about the Relay for Life and what the people below participated in, please visit, "The Passing of a Beloved Friend."

Christine Lessard
Crystal & Cinder Schnauzer
The Scotts - Danielle, Malcolm, Victoria, Jasmine & Macy
Julie Barnhill
Karen Davidson
Rachel Morgan
Pam Foster
Richard Masshedar, Family & Giants
Sue O'Hearn-Brennan
Pamela Murphy
Chris Losurdo
Tim Shippy
Tera & Marty Stosio
Mary Jane Beyer
Dr. Lynda Uphouse
Terri Beardsley
Mary DuBois
Ann McElroy
Barbara Crisafulli
Seth Thayer
Judith Addison
2 Anomynous Donators
Michelle, Lea, Kari & Christine Savolainen
Results of the Surgery
Lucy is on Giant Schnauzer Canada's Spring 2004 magazine cover!
Many Giant thanks and hugs go out to the Uphouse Research Lab at Texas Woman's University for making a donation in Lucy's memory to Operation Kindness, a no kill animal shelter, to help a German Shepherd named Boo have an important surgery.  I'm glad to announce Boo has now been adopted to her forever home.

1 Year Old
Vacation Fotos 2001
2 Years Old
3 Years Old
Vacation Fotos 2003
A visit to Canada
4 Years Old
Video Clips

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