inner joy of being in the beautiful city of cusco
oh how i would love to go back to the city of cusco and visit the little happy man against the wall of the ruins of sacsayhuaman and see the faces of the crowds as they wander through the ancient city and walk along the narrow cobblestone streets that meander and curve and try to disorientate me as i buy a random item from a street vender who lives and sleeps on the street corner of any random plaza and i walk slowly because i must acclimatize to the high altitude so i go inside any random cafe and order coca tea and i smell the aroma and feel an inner joy of being in the beautiful city of cusco and slowly sip my tea and i wonder what it was like for the indians who lived here one thousand years previous while i finish my tea and walk back outside toward a street in the distance where i can see people in their daily activities by the market where there are bleeding lamb heads and i pass a restaurant infested with rodents that are actually on the menu but at least i know that what i am eating is fresh while i stop and take a rest on a bench at the plaza de armas and i am overwhelmed by sensation of the beautiful city of cusco
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