emaciated in a remote village
i dont have to do anything but i feel that i should because my social responsibility is calling my name to help the poor young child who is emaciated in a remote village that has not received any rain since too long ago so i say to myself how can i be of help to this young child so that i may play a role in his survival not for life not for a year not even for a week but so that he may see the sunrise just one more day and just maybe that glimmer of hope will be an inspiration to some other human who has the capable means and i dont mean deep pockets but anyone who can say that they have a desire and the means to do something positive and beneficial for humanity in general but let us take a less holistic view and look at the particular in the idea of reductionism because in the world of deductive reasoning we must be thinking about the particular the small child in the remote village who just may not have the privilege of seeing tomorrow and i think what could i have done
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