Australian Grand Champion Tatnger Affair T Remembr "Tommy"

Another Best In Show July 2007

Multi Best In Show & Runner Up Best In Show - All Breeds

Tommy continues to clock up the points, over 1,000

Congratulations Tommy on getting your Grand Champion Title

Australian Grand Champion Tatnger Claudia Schiffer
Claudia, What A GRAND STAR

Born last in litter of 12, needed resuscitating
Went on to title with only 6 Challenges at 14 mths of age
Multiple Best In Show Winner, especially under International Judges

At age 18 mths won


Under All Breeds & Boxer Specialist Judge Mr Jorge Nallem, URUGUAY
3,000 entries from across Australia
It was 47 years since a Boxer had won Best In Show at Adelaide Royal
Claudia is proudly bred by Wendy Louis at Tatnger Boxers

Wendy Louis
0415 387 143

Adelaide - Australia
Established in 1987

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