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The Talljet Quartet






(Warning: These are big files and take a while to load - Jir (45,681 KB); Maja (29,768 KB); Ling (26,164 KB); Hobie (623,415 KB). If you'd rather not wait, you might want to check out the downloads below.)

Thanks, thanks, thanks to Jane Skazi for the beta and lynn and Lene T for the proofread.

Summary or The Why of the How: This story takes place about a hundred standard years after Spock retires to Gol at the end of the Enterprise's five-year mission in The Original Series. This is the conclusion of The After The Rescue Trilogy. And, no, two years ago I had no idea it was going to be a trilogy. Two years ago I wasn't sure what DS9 slash was and had no idea I'd be writing so much of it.

But life is full of such pleasant surprises.

I think you can read The Talljet Quartet and enjoy it without reading the first two parts. However, I wrote it so I'm biased. I do think that for a better understanding of the Talljets, their motives and their families; it would be very, extremely, helpful to read Parts I-V of After The Rescue and all of Dysecdysis. But this is completely up to you, dear reader, and I hope you enjoy the story, however you read it.

One thing that is not particularly clear in The Talljet Quartet is that Hobie Talljet is the eldest brother, then Jir, then Maja, and then Ling is the youngest.

Anyway, here's the lowdown on the Trilogy:

You can read Parts I, After the Rescue, and Part II, Dysecdysis, online at :

After the Rescue and Dysecdysis

The Downloads:

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