Who are the elves? Mythical beings? "Spirit beings" of a benign or malevolent nature? Another species of the human race? Or just a group of like-minded individuals who long to live an earthy, mystical way of life in a world dominated by corporate greedheads who seek to dominate and control the world, and don't mind ransacking the environment, and other creatures,  along the way.
Elves have long been the victims of slur campaigns, demonized and accused of thievery, kidnapping, and trickery, often by the same people who made blood libel accusations against the Jewish people (i.e., Grimm's Fairy Tales).All literature about Elves, including the idealized view of Elves popularized by J.R.R. Tolkien, has been written by Men. Elves have not had a chance to speak for themselves. This website hopes to rectify this situation.
Other children always thought I was "strange"- I never knew why. The teasing and hitting was unbearable for me. No one could explain to me why I was considered so "different". I was thin and small for my age, with large eyes and ears and a lanky body, but that couldn't be it. I thought perhaps kids picked on me because my family were immigrants- my Mom had a thick German accent. But lots of kids had parents from other places. I was told that I was "sensitive"- this was true, but I often found that I sensed things that other people didn't. My mother told me not to tell anyone about this- she said that they wouldn't understand.

Somehow, I just couldn't shake the feeling that, on a fundamental level, I was different than other people. After a very destructive period in my teens and early twenties, I got into the Lord, and things calmed down in my life. I even made friends with some other Christians.  Yet, I know that there are others out there like me. 

  Once, there were elves all over Europe. Many have seemingly left. Others have intermarried, and the genes can skip generations, making one sibling half-elven, and the others, not. Some elves, like me, were raised by others. It's odd being raised in a family so different from yourself.

I know that many of the people I meet will never understand me. There are many half-truths floating around about elves. The worst of it is by the "new-age" cults who want to use elves for their political purposes, bilk people out of money and push their beliefs down people's throats. These people are just as bad as the people in the Middle Ages who advocated child-beating of elf-children "changelings".

         Elves are different in many ways. We are more finely attuned, less prone to the ravages of aging.  We can often sense pain in our fellow beings, even trees. We often know intuitively what will happen before it does. Yet we live in a world that is increasingly bent on our destruction, and on the destruction of our Earth. We must band together to stop this.
by Thalionwing
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