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As the years go by I wax nostalgic...and out of that came the need to connect and share with those who at some point touched my life.
     31 October 1975...my first night in boot camp at RTC Orlando, FL-
Trick or Treat! Wave Co. 3026 under the charge of a great Company Commander AZC Zeliff. The base is not only no longer in use, it no longer exists. You will find links to the few pictures I have plus some old post cards. I welcome any additions. How sad that those buildings are all gone.  The streets not only empty but non-existant. Where do the echos of those young voices "singing in the streests" now ring? Forever in our minds and hearts.
This logo is also on the front of my boot camp book "The Rudder" only in gold leaf.
Two* more weeks,
and we'll be home.
Drinkin beer, with lots of foam.
Lookin good, feelin fine,
on a 747 with a bottle of wine.
Gettin high in the sky with a bottle of wine.

*or how ever many weeks you had left until graduation.
RTC  Orlando Pics and stuff
More Pics
Postcards 2
Picnic 2
NTTC Corry Station, Pensacola, FL
    NavCamsEastPac Honolulu, HI
My Brother Ron aka "Moose"
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