Beswick, Briggs, Eldridge, Ellis, Hartley, Lavery,

Livesey, Livingstone, Parkington, Rushton, Starkie, Wilmore


Church photos  

 photos of  Lancashire churches in the  Blackburn, Burnley,

Pendle and the Ribble Valley areas plus some from

other parts of the UK


Photo Gallery  

 old family related photos    


Burial Grounds  

 information about the places my ancestors are buried.

Higham, Blackburn & Nelson



 a list of sites which I have found useful in my research.       




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Now visit my other site at 


  East Lancashire War Memorials  


which contains photos and details of local war memorials & war graves

and extracts from the diary kept by my Great Uncle during the time he was in Gallipoli.



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