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I first discovered Jane Austen after my senior year of high school when I read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.  I enjoyed them, but didn't think much more about them.  Then, at the end of my freshman year of college, my roommate had to read P&P for her English class, and ended up meeting a girl in our dorm who was a P&P fanatic.  She introduced us to the wonderful world of the 1996 BBC production starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, and we fell in love.  Since then we have been avid watchers of the series and both of us own a copy.  A few months ago, our friend introduced me to The Republic of Pemberley (link below), a "haven in a world programmed to misunderstand obsession with things Austen."  One of my favorite parts of the site was the fan fiction, and I soon began frequenting the Bits of Ivory board as well as Derbyshire Writer's Guild on Austen.com.  At first I just "lurked", enjoying the stories and posting on a couple of the other message boards on the site.  Then I got inspired and brave, and decided to write my own fan fiction.  My first story was well received, so I wrote another... and another.  I currently have five complete stories and one in progress.  Back when both BoI and DWG went down (for different reasons), I realized just how deep my addiction to fan fiction is.  I noticed that a few of the other writers have websites where they post their own stories in addition to posting on the message boards, and I decided, "Hey!  That sounds like a good idea!"  So here it is... my own website with my own stories based on the wonderful novels of Jane Austen... mainly P&P of course! ;)  Please sign my guestbook with your replies, comments, complaints, etc., about my little efforts at emulating the great Authoress, and enjoy!

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The Stories
On the Occasion of My Insanity (Inspired by reading the last straw fan fic of unwittingly egregious violations of sense, taste, and coherency)
An Earlier Understanding
A Short Story
Colonel Fitzwilliam Interferes
Five Minutes Later
Colonel Fitzwilliam Lends a Hand
Which P&P Character Are You? (I'm Darcy!)
The Wet Shirt Scene!
The Chatelaine
Firthness - Darcyfiction
Fanfic by Rebecca E
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