Welcome to the home of The Suffolk Beer Scooper!

The Hobby
I enjoy sampling different beers and keeping a record of them, this is known as Beer Scooping or Beer Ticking. I trudged the streets of Great Britain looking for real ale pubs or visiting CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale) beer festivals in the search for new beers.

I started recording the different beers that Id sampled by highlighting them in the back of CAMRAs Good Beer Guide in 1989. I carried on doing this but as each year passed and more beers were sampled, this soon became a mammoth job! After 3 years a new system was urgently needed! I bought a Ring-Binder and added a sheet of paper for each brewery Id scooped a beer from, this meant I could easily add new breweries and their beers.

This system worked very well for 10-15 years but then came the age of computers and the chance to list my beers on the World Wide Web, so in June 2006 I started this website and have listed every different beer Ive tasted ever since.

About Breweries
Breweries have what they call their core range. These beers are usually brewed all year round and normally feature a Mild, Bitter, Best Bitter and Strong Ale. Most brewers also brew seasonal beers and one off commemorative brews, these are harder to find and is exactly what the Beer Scooper is looking for.

Humpty Dumpty Brewery

Myself with a friend

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