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This is a club for
contributing original picture trader only.

You have to post and contribute in order to gain and keep your subscription to this group.

To subscribe, you must contribute one or more
ORIGINAL HIGH  RESOULUTION images of Singapore Male Model you have scanned.

Your application for membership will NOT be approved if you do not contribute.

What's INSIDE?

ORIGINAL QUALITY SCANS of Singapore Male Models from local magazines such as 8-days, Citta-Bella, Female, CLEO, Brave etc for quality member who contribute the same only.
Rules are strict, but returns are great too.


Send your picture through the email address you want to subscribe with to THE GROUP (NOT to the owner):

Once your contribution get approved and was included to the group archives, you will received your membership and be able to gain access to the member only archives.


The moderator approval based on the following criteria:

(1) Relevance

This is a group for Singapore male models. You should state the name of the model you have posted and where you have scanned the image. It will certainly be useful for moderator, if you could include some background information on the model, to determine the relevance of the post.

Non-Singapore model but Asian model pixs please send to

(2) Originality

Please note that this group only accepts ORIGINAL pics (i.e. scanned by yourself) of Singapore Male Model from member. Please do not send anything you found from the following website:

(b)Singapore Hunks
(c)Singapore Guys
(d)Asian Male Celebrities
(e)GB Magazine Website
(f)Yahoo! Club Singapore Male Models
(g)Yahoo! Groups Male Celebrities Asia
(h)Yahoo! Groups Asian-Hot-Hunks

If you really want to send them, please send at better quality to show that it is an original scan.

(3) Quality

You should POST something of quality, clear and of high resolution.
Remember WHATEVER you POST is what you will eventually get from this group.

Leslie ....Let Me Read The Rules !!

>>>>BUT, I Don't have a Scanner...

If you don't have a scanner or disagree with our rules, please go to the following FREE-For-ALL site instead.


Singapore Male Models
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