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(Taken May 2004)

  Hello!! This is Jeremy and Kaitlyn Jones.  We live in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.  They were born July 12, 1997 at 27 weeks.  Jeremy was the first born and the biggest of the two weighing 2 pounds 8 1/2 ounces and Kaitlyn weighted 2 pounds 6 1/2 ounces.  They both have had numerous surgeries.  Some of them include a PDA (Patent Ductus Arterious) closure and Kaitlyn has a VP shunt.  That has been revised twice since birth.  They both have Hydrocephalus with a Grade 4 bleed.  Jeremy was diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy and requires AFO's (braces) to walk.  He was also in Serial Casting for two weeks (Sept-2000) in a prolonged stretch.  He had the Botex injections (Jan 17-2001) in St. John's and again March 1st, 2002 in Montreal.  Jeremy was found through a sedated ABR to have a mild hearing loss in both ears and was fitted for hearing aids.  Update on Jeremy's hearing (Aug 1, 2001)... he was found thru a hearing test at the Janeway Audiology that his hearing has gotten worse, it's been upgraded to moderate to severe with hearing loss of 50 Decibels up to 90 Decibels in both ears. He has had four bilateral ventilation tube surgeries, the last one being Sept 10/02.  Jeremy started attending the School For The Deaf full time in August/01.  Update: OCT/2002 - Kaitlyn started Kindergarten in September, 2002!!  Jeremy started Kindergarten - Grade 1 in August/02.  Jeremy was shunted June 2003.  January 15, 2004, Jeremy had a surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy.  You can continue on reading about our story as you go through our WebPage.  Our Mommy says that we are very "special" children and no matter what we will always be loved.  Please "bear" with us, we are in the process of updating! :)








Jeremy Jones - School for the Deaf                  

Kindergarten 2001               

4 years old              





Kaitlyn Jones

Wal-Mart 2001

4 years old






Recent family picture June 2002


"Just Another Day"

(a must read for stay-at-home mothers)

(added Feb 2001)


The Special Mother

Poem written for mothers of handicap children, 

it has touched my heart, hope it touches yours :)


In Memory of Our Grandfather

Passed away Feb 14, 2001

Our photo album



Recent Pictures




Life's filled with possibilities
that challenge us each day
To take a chance, try something new
see things a different way

And its thru these special moments
that we learn to change and grow
To explore the special gift
of who we are and what we know
For its not until we try
that we find out what we can do
So don't wait until Tomorrow
to discover something New




Jeremy (left) and Kaitlyn (right)
born at 27 weeks, July 12, 1997
Updated Jan - 2001

Our Mommy and Daddy


Poems for "Twins"

Friends and Family




Dear Kaitlyn & Jeremy,

    For so long I hoped, prayed and dreampt of the day you would come to share our lives.  Then on the day you were both born my heart filled with such joy and love I thought it would burst.  In the days following your birth my soul filled with so much fear and worry it seemed it would shatter.  Then after what seemed like a lifetime, the day came when I got to hold you both and I felt your tiny heart beat next to mine.

    I felt a peace I had never known.  I knew we would survive.  I have already learned so much about life from you.  You taught me every moment is precious, every soul should be cherished, prayers are answered and miracles do happen.

    I want to thank you for choosing your father and me to share this life with.  I look forward to everyday we have to spend together.

Love Forever,  Mommy  xoxo 


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