This RPG is designed for fun and respect if those are not your intentions please do not sign up, thank you.
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Imagine this....
Your walking along one night, the street of the small town that you live in.  As far as you know, nothing very exciting has ever happened there.
Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, something swoops out of the darkness, and you know in your heart that it's intentions are not noble.
A power seems to burst forth from inside of you, and you feel strong enought to fight this enemy.
But do you really want to?  Which side of this world wide fight are you really on....
Welcome to the Shadows and Lace RPG.  This is a sailor moon RPG.  It is set in a small town in Alberta, that really originates from the depths of my mind....scary, I know.  Anyhow, feel free to look around.  If you plan on sending in an application, please take the time to read the rules first, so that I don't have to needlessly send stuff back, or reject people....thnx.... have fun!!!!!!
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