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A few years ago I decided I really wanted to get a dog.  I haven’t raised a puppy since I was a kid (and really I guess my parents did that).  I ran a few internet searches on what dog is right for you and came up with the Vizsla.  I’d never heard of one, let alone seen one, but strangely I was at Coopers’ Rock Park with my friend and his dog, when 2 little golden brown dogs ran straight at me.  After 2 minutes of playing with them I knew that it was the dog for me.  Now finding a Vizsla took a while. 


Lexi (Alexia) got her name from my extensive search online for Hungarian names.  Alexia means defender of man (although she really won’t defend anyone…because she wouldn’t hurt a fly).  My friends went up to Pittsburgh with me to see the 2 remaining female puppies in the litter.  The guy, who had the 2 remaining puppies was not the breeder (good thing) as he lived in the dirtiest conditions I’ve seen for a while.  On the positive side, he owned Lexi’s mother and sister from a previous litter and they were beautiful, trim, happy dogs.  They also had an unusual pastime – jumping on trampolines!!!  REALLY!  You have to see this to believe it.  It’s like giving speed to ADHD kids….My friends all wanted me to get the runt of the litter but I wanted Lexi, so they lost out, she was just such an affectionate, beautiful puppy….



She bonded with me on the way home (I didn’t drive and held her).  She seemed to know right away that she belonged with me.  Pretty cool!

I’m not a breeder nor do I ever really want to be one so she did get fixed….she didn’t like it much though!!



She’s very friendly with people and other dogs.  Although her 2 Dalmation friends try to beat her up, she’s faster…



She’s got a dog walker daily, Emily, who brings her kids over.  It’s pretty funny to see the 1 year old girl in the crate hiding from Lexi.


I started training her right away and she was incredibly smart….she picked up roll-over in just 3 or 4 tries.

By the time we took puppy class she knew it all already.  Its funny the instructor kept using her for demonstrations.


Lexi likes to swim in the summers, especially off my boat.  Go walking with her pregnant buddy, Natalie on the railtrails.



If you’ve never owned a Vizsla, they have quite a bit of energy.  Laps around the house at full speed are commonplace.  She loves to bark although not as much as other male Vizslas

She’s got her own chair in the living room, for watching TV and looking out the big window at squirrels…don’t even try to sit there.



Oh and did I mention that she’s a disco diva…(yeah I know its not right!!)



I’d not get another breed but a Vizsla again…In fact I may get her a little sib soon….

I did in fact buy another Vizsla for Lexi to play with...Below is a puppy picture of Alexander the Great or Xander
for short.  He's pretty smart like his sister and a very mellow guy.  Lexi's far more independent.


They definately get along great! Actually Xander beats Lexi up pretty good at times....

My friend Kathy from work has 2 Vizslas also, although her older one Jessie just passed away. 
Lexi and Xander spend time at Kathy and Bob's when I go away on trips.  They are getting a new
male puppy soon, should be interesting to see how Xander handles the competition!

(Chellie, Jessie, Lexi and Xander)

How does Kathy get them to stay still like that???

Did I mention that they are huge Steelers fans too....

Lexi is on the left and Xander is on the right (and didnt like the hat much).


Thanks for checking in,





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