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Nov 5, 2000 - I changed the picture for "Pix o' Month" from the month of October to November. Unfortunely, I have closed the Scott Gomez Forum because people weren't posting anything. I have added a new feature, Scott Gomez Mail. Get your own FREE Scott Gomez email address!

I will not be able to update this site as much as I would have liked to. I am currently taking classes at a local university.

Scott is in the November issue of GEAR Magazine. The New Jersey Devils won thier home-opener against the Montreal Canadiens. Go Scott and Deviils!!!

Oct 3, 2000 - I changed the picture for Pix o' Month. A Pix o' Month picture archive might be added to the site in the future. So stay tuned!

The New Jersey Devils will drop the puck to start their 2000/2001 season on Friday, October 6! Go Scott and Devils!!!

Sept 27, 2000 - Scott Gomez appeared on NHL Cool Shots. It showed coverage of his day with the Stanley Cup in Anchorage, Alaska. Cool Shots also interviewed Scott's dad, Carlos.

Sept 22, 2000 - It was reported in a Sept. 13 newspaper that Scott Gomez will become a full-time center for the New Jersey Devils in the 2000/2001 NHL season. He played mostly as a winger last season. The center position is his natural playing position.

As you can see, I moved my site...again. I had trouble connecting to Crosswinds this time around. I think I rather live with ads than put up with server problems.

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