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  During her time in the business, Laura has amassed a large number of acting credits. Starting with the low budget, critically acclaimed 'Small Faces', made while she was still studying, to blockbusters such as the international success of 'A Knights Tale' where she became widely recognised, Laura has demonstrated versatility in her roles and refuses to be typecast. She has had bit parts in movies ('Girl in Bed' with Leonardo de Caprio in 'Man in the Iron Mask'), through leading roles ('Virtual Sexuality', Coney Island Baby', 'Devils Gate'), and ensemble casts ('Titus', 'He Knew He Was Right'). She can float effortlessly between independent & big budget films, and TV genres from fantasy, costume drama and police shows.
She can do anything......

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as Florence Nightingale
Laura as Florence Nightingale in 'Florence Nightingale'
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13th February 2009 - added pics from 'No Holds Bard'
25th November 2008
- minor housekeeping, added pics from 'Paris, Brixton'
30th September 2008
- updated News and screen pages, added pics from 'Florence Nightingale' 'Forgive and Forget'
27th June 2008
- added pics from 'Reichenbach Falls'
11th June 2008
- added news of 'No Holds Bard'
21st May 2008 - added several portrait pics to gallery, and pics from 'Neverwhere'

News :-
Laura has been busy again. She has made an independent film, Cuckoo, that should be released late in 2009, and has just appeared in a BBC comedy drama celebrating the life of Scottish poet Robert Burns. In late 2008 she was in Adelaide Australia filming a role in the new Scott Hicks movie 'The Boys Are Back', which should see a general release in 2009.

Forthcoming work -
Laura will be appearing in this new film directed by Scott Hicks. The film is a UK-Australian co-production and is billed as a love story between a single parent father and his two sons. Clive Owen stars in the film.

Laura has a starring role in a new independent film. 'Cuckoo' is a psychological thriller and also stars Richard E Grant and Tamsin Grieg. It is written and directed by Richard Bracewell. An expected release is December 2008
Polly is a fed-up medical researcher, with a wild rock star boyfriend (Adam Fenton), a jealous younger sister (Antonia Bernath) and an over interested boss (Richard E Grant). Polly has a chance to escape with a new job, but then things start to go a little odd. The noises start late at night. Polly is alone, she thinks she's losing her mind - no one else seems to hear. Polly's sure she's not crazy, but why won't the noises go away?

Laura was a cast member of this BBC comedy drama celebrating the life of Robert Burns. It's was a 60-minute comedy mockumentary following the lives of a group of people as they prepare to vie for the 2009 Cup O' Kindness, a trophy awarded for the best recital of the works of Robert Burns. It screened on BBC1 Scotland on 25th Jan 2009.


Laura is currently filming 'Cuckoo'

Edinburgh International Film Festival Aug 2006

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