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Greetings and salutations! This is just one of my virtual homes on the web, but here I choose to call myself Sarkytart (named by a friend). If you want to come back when this is a bit more tidy, that'd be great. I mean look at the state of the place - needs a good scrubdown, new coat of paint and doubtless the electrics are knackered. Once I have shifted the packing cases and hung up my clothes I shall throw open my doors to any dear friend who wishes to visit, who can stand the biting sarcasm and bitter, twisted, cynical being that is myself. Yes, you know who I am now, don't you? .

Actually the main purpose of setting up shop here is to "publish" my experience as a background or supporting artiste. So follow the links and find out all about the exciting world of being an extra!

I leave you all with the beautiful words of wisdom - "If you have to ask you'll never know".


1. How it all began
2. The costume fitting
3. The first day's filming!
4. More filming!
5. On location...
6. Reshooting
7. On the backlot
8. They think it's all over... it is now!

That's a wrap!

The European Gala Charity Premiere
Picture book Beware! Graphics intensive/slow loading
The Dressing Room. By popular demand - costume pictures
Beware! Graphics intensive/slow loading
Plot synopsis of the film
Gossip and news from the web about this film plus promotions and press releases
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