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HO HO HO send me your xmas letter here
       HURRY NOW!!
Hello and Welcome to Santa's Workshop. Send O' Santa your wish list for Christmas and I will see if you all have been GOOD BOYS AND GIRLS (have to check my list you know), If you are (and I'm sure you HAVE BEEN) Santa will send you my personal letter back to you as soon as I can get to yours. (Had to hire help this year) The Days are getting shorter here and it's time to get busy making all the toys and getting ready for the big trip ahead of me! Oh MOM and DAD~ sign my guest book below and I just might leave you a surprize too!
Read Santa's Guestbook my Dreambook guestbook!
Sign Santa's Guestbook my Dreambook!
K kids here's some games to Play! I'm Looking for more!
Might need to install shockwave to play some of the games!
This game is like Super Mario
Message to Santa:
Here's a game room all of it's own click on the button below!
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Check out this site, tell them Santa sent you.
You Love Candles, Checkout This site. They use all natural Oils and such.
Check out this site, tell them Santa sent you.
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