Welcome and I'm happy to meet you here!!! I hope you'll enjoy your visit at this place!!!

Hi - my name is Roos and I'm taking you with me to Sri Lanka. Do you know where it is - well just look at the map and you can locate everyplace that I'm telling about!

If you're back and know everything about the location of Sri Lanka and a little bit about the places we're going to visit, we can start to go to the following places.

SIGIRAYA = Lion Rock

Let's go first to Sigiraya. It's a flat topped 200 m high rock

This is the way to the rock - you can see it clearly if you stand on top of it!.It was build as a fortress and on top of it there are ruins of the palace, built in 477-495AD - you can see the remains of a swimming pool,they gathered the water from the rain. On the way up you will see mural painting of the virgins of Sigiraya (=Lion Rock)
It is called the FRESCO Gallery and painted under an overhanging rock and can be reached by a spiral staircase (built in 1938)

Before you go up for the last climb you will arrive at some sort of terrace = THE LION TERRACE; it marks the half way point of the climb where the entrance to the next stairs is flanked by big lions paws. (alas the head of the lion is gone )

At the back (in this picture) you can see the staircase leading to the upper part of this rock.

Here we were resting and drinking before we started to climb. Here are helps to hire- men who will help you climb and pull you up and tell you where to put your feet on the stairs. It sounds ridiculous to hire them but believe me it was a great help - and you just pay them 100 rupees that is about 1.50 US dollars. And on top of the rock you have a wonderful view!!!

Beautiful ruines and temples are worth visiting - come and follow me!

Our next stop is Polonaruwa

After this place you have to visit ANURADHAPURA and DAMBULLA

The Highlands : worth visiting!

Hikkaduwa and the beaches in the South!

A monk going to his temple.

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