by: Rick Johnson
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One thing that I notice whenever I read stories (journals) about Earthlings who visit other worlds is that almost always they find aliens who are physically similar to us. Although their heads may look superficially different, their general anatomy is so similar that they are able to mate with humans and often reproduce viable and fertile young.

Kar D’argo who resided in Peacekeeper space (Farscape) was human down to four fingers and a thumb but with a partially alien head (ok, he still had two eyes in the normal place a nose and mouth with teeth and a tongue). And, most importantly his sexual parts were ‘normal’ as viewed in human terms. He had no 3’ penis (as in horses) or spines (as in cats) or knots (as in dogs) that we know of. Why do we believe this? Because he was able to successfully mate with both his Sebacian wife and Nabiri girl friend, both of which seem to have enjoyed the experience and one of which gave birth from the act.

Now we can diverge here and point out that on Earth, there are a number of people who find sex with ‘diverse’ anatomy and objects to be pleasurable. Check the internet for girls-with-dogs or girls-with-horses or girls-with-traffic-cones-and-cattle-prods or guys-with-sheep or guys-with-watermelons or guys-with-republicans. So one may assume that D-Argo’s Sebacian wife was simply a pervert who got off on strange stuff and had he not been there, she would have sought a Scarran or a high-speed blender for sexual satisfaction. But what about Chiara, you may ask? Well, she is an admitted slut anyway so would probably do anything that she could knock down and climb on, sentient or not. I had a girl friend like that, a lot of fun but not the kind of person you’d want to take home to meet mother.

In Star Trek space, Spock is a human-Vulcan mix. Torres is human-Klingnon. And the list goes on. It seems that the universe is filled with humans, male and female, who will try to mate with anything and not care if it is animal, vegetable or mineral, alive or battery-operated (I’m referring to Data here).

Ok, considering my past and who I’ve dated, I can’t point a finger at anyone. So if these people find pleasure in the arms/claws/tentacles of another species, so long as all are consenting adults (by whatever definition their culture defines), then go for it.

BUT, when they start reproducing, I begin to ask questions. Questions like “how did the DNA mix?” Here on Earth, humans and chimps evolved on the same planet in the same place and are separated by less than 4 million years of evolution and WE cannot interbreed. We can probably inter-mate because if a human can do a champagne bottle or an eel, why not a chimp? But do we see any hairy-human-chimp hybrids running around? … outside of Arkansas and Georgia I mean. No we don’t because the DNA is so different that it cannot mix. And that’s my point.

How do all these aliens who evolved on different planets separated by incredible distances or time and space STILL manage to:

  • find each other sexually desirable,
  • find each others genitals physically compatable and
  • still manage to merge DNA with enough success to produce viable young?

    It doesn’t happen on Earth where humans evolved so how can we do this with alien races who are separated by billions and billions of years of evolution?

    The Solution is simple.


    Klingnons, Vulcans, Sebacians, Nabari, Barsoomian, etc are all human. They all evolved on Earth then moved into space somehow where the new environment forced some radical biological changes real fast. Fast enough to change their appearance but not so fast that it messed with the basic DNA. With all the space travel in the galaxy, this is quite possible and I explore this idea with the Demons abducting humans from Earth and re-engineering them to their own ends or dropping them someplace and allowing a limited gene pool and vastly different environment to encourage mutational changes.

    But I am concerned with the Burroughs Universe here and am indebted to Den Valdron for the possible solution.

    John Carter entered a cave in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, passed out, ‘broke free’ of his body in a manner that is similar to that described by those who Astral Project, then he projected himself to Barsoom. Ulysses Paxton did the same fifty years later as did Betty Caldwell to Amtor and others to Poloda. Thus astral projection to another world is possible and common, or at least not uncommon.

    The problem is that in true Astral Projection, the Astral Body is often visible but rarely tangable. It is simply an energy projection that has no material substance at all. This can be proven by Einstein’s formula for matter-energy conversion which goes like this: E=MC(2) or the energy in ergs needed to produce an object is equal to that mass of the object in grams multiplied by the speed of light in centimeters per second times itself.

    Think about this for a moment. How many grams are there in a pound? How many pounds does the average human weigh? Then multiply that by the speed of light which is such a big number that we have to create arithmetic notation to describe it. Hiroshima was obliterated by converting only a few pounds of matter to energy. Thus, the amount of energy that would be needed to allow an Astral Body to actually touch a physical object is so astronomical that we must search for an alternate explanation. Yet, here are many people who Astral project across light years of distance and somehow create a physical body that can interact with it’s environment.

    I’m not a scientist. I dropped out of Astronomy because I couldn’t handle the advanced math and I know just enough physics to get along and make a fool of myself. But I do know one thing in my career as a police consultant for occult crimes. Just because something looks impossible, doesn’t mean it IS impossible. It happened, therefore we must ask how? And sometimes we can’t find the answer. Yet, not knowing doesn’t make the actual incident cease to occur, it simply means that we haven’t figured it out yet. Police are real good at inventing a mythical explanation then torturing an innocent person into confessing to avoid admitting that they cannot figure it out. Scientist are better at that, they simply attack the theories of others in the journals… until years alter they have to admit, “Oops, we overreacted and now I understand the math!” Cryptozoologists are always laughing at the biologists who insist that the Mountain Gorilla, Ceolocanth and other ‘mythical’ creatures cannot exist, then they turn up and somehow biologists never seem to learn the lesson and look at unknown animals with an open mind.

    Obviously, John Carter et co. Astrally projected themselves to another planet. Obviously, when they arrived, they managed to produce a tangeable body. Obviously Einstein says that this is impossible. Obviously Einstein is wrong. So how did they do this?

    I don’t know. I’m not a scientist but there are scientists on Earth who have proved that the Earth is flat and was made only 7,000 years ago. There are scientists on Earth who proved that it was impossible to travel at 60 mph because the human body would be crushed, there are scientists on earth that proved any number of things that later scientists proved were wrong. Remember when Galleleo dropped those two balls off the Tower of Pisa? The greatest scientists of his time observed that experiment and every one of them refused to believe the evidence of their own eyes. Not one was willing to repeat the experiment. They know it was impossible and that was that! So when one scientist tells me that it is impossible for John Carter to project his mind to Barsoom AND create a tangeable body, I can only say, “But he did! So stop telling me that it’s impossible, put your ego aside and figure out how he did it!”

    All I can say is that it happened in the past, it is currently happening and it probably will continue to happen in the future. But I am concerned not so much with how? But with What!

    Certain things are given based on current knowledge:

    1. *It is obvious from the fossil record that humans evolved on Earth. (note: unless everything we know here is wrong too)
    2. *It is obvious that humans possess DNA which intermixes with other human DNA to produce variations within the species.
    3. *It is obvious that this DNA mutates for any of a number of reasons. Chemical, radiation, boredom, all of these and more can cause the DNA chain to break and reform. Those changes that help the person are passed on, those that hurt the person are not. Darwin called this ‘evolution’ but a better word may be ‘adaption’ because people are not ‘evolving’ towards a ‘higher’ form but simply ‘adapting to a new environment.’
    4. *It is also obvious that the only things that humans can breed with (and when I say breed I don’t mean sex, I mean produce viable young) are other humans. We can have sex with a chimp or a sheep or a horse but NEVER do these matings produce any child. The DNA is simply too different. Once the random mutations increase to the point where the person can no longer produce young with it’s parental form, a new species is declared. Horses and donkeys have had so many of these mutations that they can still mate and often produce young but the young are usually sterile. Lions and Tigers are in the same position but have diverged so far that most matings do not produce young. Human and chimp have diverged so far that we cannot even produce young of any form.

    Yet, John Carter was able to produce a viable and fertile young. Repeatedly. This must prove that the Barsoomian and human are still the same species despite the Barsoomian being egg-producers and Human live-bearers. Australoids have black skin and four extra teeth. Negroids have black skin and wooly hair. Inuit are short, flat-faced and carry heavy fat but Watusi are tall, thin and have extreme features and almost no body fat. Although egg-laying may be extreme, it is obviously not so far that it prevents the DNA from combining with a live-bearer.
    But then, Ulysses Paxton has no children (that we know of) so John Carter, admittedly different from normal people, may be an exception.

    But we see human-like people on Amtor, Barsoom and even Poloda yet we see no horses, lions or cats. Thus humans on these worlds are unique to the native biota. On Barsoom, as an example, the native animals possess six, eight or ten legs. None possess four limbs which implies an alien origin to the Barsoomian. An origin from a planet where four-limbs are normal.

    Now, keep in mind that the following theory is pure conjecture. But until someone comes up with a simplier theory that meets the evidence (mass alien abductions?) or can produce archaeological and DNA evidence to refute or support this, I am willing to assume this as probably true.

    Humans evolved on Earth some millions of years ago. Over the history of human life, various humans singly or in groups, discovered themselves in such stress that their ‘astral body’ (for want of a better word) snapped free and these ‘bodies; then projected to another world. Perhaps a family group was facing a tsunami or volcano and their fear and desire to escape with their family was such that as they died, they projected to the safest possible place which happened to be another world. Once there, by means that are unknown to us, they ‘manifested’ a physical body and continued their lives on an alien world. Most would have died. But enough would have survived over the millions of years to produce a viable population on the new world.

    Once there, the environment would induce their DNA to mutate such that they could adapt to the new world. Some of these mutations would be contrary to survival and not passed on, others would be supportive of survival, most (hair color for example) may have no use at all but were passed on anyway. And eventually a new genus or species would appear. The only difference between the two would be the ability to breed with the parent stock. If the Barsoomian can produce viable & fertile young, they are a genus of Homo Sapiens. If they cannot, they are a new species.

    As time passed, some of the descendants of the original stock may have, themselves projected to nearby moons or worlds to seed these in exactly the same way. Eventually, though, the alien conditions would have caused enough mutation that the ‘projection’ gene faded away.

    To this end I propose the following family tree of human spread around the Burroughs space.

    Note that this is entirely conjecture and we await hard evidence to support or refute it.

    Each circle represents a Planet. Solid lines imply an established line of change, dotted imply a belief. Races outside the circle are sentients on that world of non-human origin or possible Terran origin.

    We know that Humans evolved on Earth and are related to the Mangani. The fossil record shows this. The Don race of Pal-ul-Don is believed by me to be an offshoot of Human (possibly migrating North Africans) but Den Valdron believes that the Don are descended from either New World Monkeys or the Tarag-Tooth Men of Pellucidar. Until some human gets a Don pregnant or we can collect DNA samples, the question remains open.

    We know that Humans travelled from Earth to Pellucidar to produce the Gilik race. One question is are the Sagoths descended from Giliks or from Earthly Mangani or from A. Robustus (the Yeti or BigFoot)?
    And are the Don descended from the Tarag-Tooth men or is the reverse true? Or are they unrelated? Again, DNA samples are needed.

    Early humans may have traveled to Barsoom/Mars to produce the Black Race. This race then diverged into the Black, White and Yellow races which later merged to form the Red Race with the white Orovars producing the Therns. Although the travel to Barsoom is theory, the evolution of the humanoids while there is well-established.
    One theory is that the Orovars traveled to Thuria by technical means to produce the Thurian race which then lost the technology necessary to return. This would be born out if the Thurians are egg-layers. If they are live-bearers, then they either came from Earth directly or they branched off from the Barsoom stock before the Barsoomian became egg-layers which would have happened early in their history since it is universal upon Barsoom.

    Another group traveled to Sassoom/Garobus/Jupiter to produce the Savator race which then branched to form the Morgor race. Or possibly, but unlikely, the original travelers branched into both races. I favor the idea that Morgors are mutated Savators simply because the changes are so severe that if Savators are descended directly from Earth Humans, we would expect to see equally drastic changes in the Savator.

    On Amtor, the original group produced the Amtorian race but possible Mangani may have transferred to Amtor to produce the Nogargan race. The other races: Brokol, yooyagan, angen, myposian, etc, are all native or from other worlds.

    A couple thoughts come to mind. If Material Astral Projection is possible and common among humans, did the travelers loose that gene? Or do they continue to travel the stars populating world after world. Den Valdron believes that the Projection Gene is lost as he mentions that you find no Barsoomian popping into Earth. My argument is that maybe they do? Occasionally you find hospitals with ‘John Does’ who are different from human. These differences are attributed to birth defects but maybe they are simply aliens? Maybe the people in mental institutions are actually aliens as they claim but our doctors are so caught in their own infallibility (Doctors believe that they are god, surgeons KNOW that they are god) that they, like police officers are completely unwilling to admit to the possibility of being wrong. Or perhaps these aliens simply appear in isolated areas and either die quickly and are buried without autopsy or they survive and integrate into our population as did Vad Varo or David Innes on Barsoom and Amtor.

    Or, maybe there are planets inhabited by the descendents of the Don of Pal-ul-Don or the Romans of Castrum Mare or the mangani who adapted to their new world and increased intelligence. The possibilities for science and fiction are endless.

    To contact me or to request topics to be covered, send to RikJohnson@juno.com
    by: Rick Johnson
    PO Box 40451
    Tucson, Az.

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